Merkel Policy: “You Can’t Make a Halal Omelet Without Gang-Raping a Few Women”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2015

Migrants from war-torn Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leon, Gambia etc. whatever, are the most precious and innocent of all people we’ve seen yet. When they do gang-rape women, it is because of… the trauma they’ve suffered… or whatever.

White people’s fault.

A 19-year-old became the fourth (known) victim this month of a migrant rape-gang in Germany. On October 30th, she was ambushed around 4 AM and brutally raped by multiple men culturally enriched on the University plaza in Magdgeburg.

But really, who cares? After all, her great-grandparents gassed the six million. This bitch deserves way worse than gang-rape for these gassings of the innocent Jewish bankers.

Merkel announced in response "if I had a penis I would have raped her myself - someone has to pay the price for these gassed Jews 70 years ago."
Merkel announced in response that if she had a penis should would have raped the women herself to make them suffer for the Holocaust.

After all, the whole stated purpose of bringing millions of Moslems and Black Africans into Germany is to punish the country for the Holocaust – what’s a punishment without some gang-rapes of teenage girls?

Here is a very smart German-Jew politician explaining that the Germans must be ethnically cleansed because they did a Holocaust on his people.

I don’t know a better way to ethnically cleanse than gang-rape. Really, all outcomes are positive – they get over-excited and kill her, and it’s one less German Nazi; they impregnate her, she’s raising a non-German child.

It’s a win-win.

#ProjectGermany is about changes. It’s about self-sacrifice. It’s about learning and growing together. It’s about meeting strangers in the park and getting gang-raped.

Then some evil racists will complain “yeah but what about little girls getting raped? Even if 19-year-olds deserve to be raped because their great-grandparents gassed Jews, surely a 7-year-old child doesn’t deserve to get raped.”

These racist – inbred dummies that they are – fail to understand the entire concept of holding the forth generation responsible for an alleged historical genocide. Germans are born guilty of gassing innocent Jews. So punishing them for it is good whatever age they are. It’s basic common sense that if you are born guilty of something, 7-years-old is plenty old enough to get raped as punishment for it.