Merkel Isn’t Pro-Immigration Enough

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2015

"There will be no bargain. I shall enjoy watching you die." -Merkel to Europe
“There will be no bargain. I shall enjoy watching you die.” -Merkel to Europe

The sick hag and invasionist mastermind Angela Merkel recently appeared on a German TV show to brag about the invasion of Germany. During her speech, a Palestinian child began crying, saying she had dreams but was potentially facing deportation – deportation not to Palestine, mind you, but to Lebanon where she already had asylum when she came to Germany to up her asylum status.

Merkel first told her that “politics is complicated,” then began touching the child.

She also said that Europe cannot absorb the entire population of the Middle East and Africa, which is obviously true but which she obviously does not believe.

Germany is the biggest importer of human refuse from Africa and the Middle East in Europe, second in the world only to Uncle Sam. Merkel has been insturmental in the project to force tens of millions of brown people on the entirety of Europe, having spearheaded a quota plot – known as the Merkel Stratagem – which would remove the ability of countries to decide who enters.

Even while being literally the global figurehead of mass immigration and White genocide, she was attacked by liberals for the scene on TV – apparently they were expecting her to tell the child “well, okay then, you can stay and so can everyone else.”

Again, that is already basically her exact position, but this girl is a special case as she is one of the few who already has asylum in a safe and relatively modern Arab country.

Here’s what Amanda Taub (@amandataub) over at the the communist Jew outlet Vox had to say about the situation:

Merkel’s response feels wrong, because it is

If it feels unjust to see one of the most powerful people in the world tell a crying child that her future dreams have to be destroyed because “politics is hard sometimes,” that’s because it is unjust. Germany’s attitude toward refugees is wrong, and it’s hurting innocent people. And Merkel knows that — she’s just not used to being confronted with evidence of it on live TV.

In her response, Merkel was trying to imply that if Germany treats this girl and her family leniently, it will somehow be obligated to accept the entire world’s refugees. But that’s disingenuous. There is no mechanism by which that would happen.

A mechanism:


Another mechanism would be the mechanism supported by Merkel of setting up Black import facilities all throughout Africa and flying the people directly to European capitals.

You’re not being simply disingenous here, Amanda – you’re outright lying.

There is no rule that says that if Germany grants asylum to a family in Rostock then it has to accept every Palestinian in a Lebanese camp, or everyone from “Africa.”

Why is the word “Africa” in quotes?

Are you suggesting this is some type of ironic “Africa,” Amanda? Or that calling Africa “Africa” is derogatory or otherwise inappropriate in some way?

Did your editor even bother to ask you what this means, Amanda? Surely there should be some type of note explaining your usage of quotations in this context, because it certainly isn’t clear.

There is no slippery slope here because there isn’t a slope at all. Right now, Germany has a legal obligation to protect refugees who are inside its borders, and no legal obligation to protect those who are outside them. Granting this girl and her family refugee status, visas, or even just temporary relief from deportation wouldn’t change that in the slightest.

What Merkel really means is that there are currently millions of people in the world who could have valid asylum claims, and she’s worried they’ll all come to Germany if it seems even slightly welcoming.


Check this graph, you dumb bitch:


This has continued through 2014 and 2015. The UN Human Rights Commission says: “Germany continues to be the recipient of the largest number of asylum applications, followed by France, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.”

Did you not know that Germany was the biggest importer of “refugees” in Europe, or were you purposefully trying to manipulate your audience with false information?

Either way, it’s a problem.

So Germany deports people like this young Palestinian and her family to set an example that’s just cruel enough to serve as a deterrent.

But that is also deeply unjust. Refugees exist. They are already desperate, already fleeing their homes, and they have to go somewhere. Germany may think it’s facing a refugee crisis, but the truth is that it’s hosting only a tiny fraction of the people who are fleeing war or other persecution.

What a ridiculous bit of nonsense that is.

Here, let’s apply her logic elsewhere:

“You may think you are facing a blood loss crisis, but the truth is that you have lodged in your chest only a tiny fraction of the M60 rounds in that ammunition belt.”


By the way, Amanda, why didn’t you mention Israel when talking about how this girl from the video was forced out of her home? It seems weird, since Israel is who forced her out of her home, that you wouldn’t mention that and instead put the responsibility for her situation on Germany.

Oh, right…

Ezra Klein, Editor of Vox
Ezra Klein, Editor of Vox

For my part, I am wondering if the whole show wasn’t staged by Merkel to cause exactly this situation.

Note that I don’t mean that I think the little Arab girl was a crisis actor, just that Merkel set the situation up to have immigrant children scheduled for deportation in a situation where she is making statements about immigration. I mean, come on now, why would you invite a 13-year-old who is being scheduled for deportation to be in a live studio audience?

Not saying this couldn’t all have just been coincidence, but it seems more likely that it was planned as a PR stunt.

If you have an extremely unpopular political agenda you are trying to force down people’s throats, can you imagine being in a better position than to have people claiming that you don’t support your own unpopular agenda enough, and need to do more to push your unpopular agenda?

If I had to guess, I would suspect there will now be a campaign to allow this girl to stay, and that Merkel will say “oh yes, of course you’re right – she should stay, and we should bring more of these people like I have been saying we should do.”