Merkel Goes Through with Prosecution of Comedian Who Insulted the Turk Ape Erdogan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2016

In what is being hailed as the beginning of the end of the Age of Merkel, the Queen Bitch has given permission for satirist Jan Böhmermann to be prosecuted for mocking the stupid monkey Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

It is official now that Germany is a colony of the New Ottoman Empire, with the leader of Germany taking direct orders from “Istanbul.”


Turkey made a formal request to Germany on Monday to file charges against Böhmermann, who called Erdoğan a “goat-f—-er” in a March 31 broadcast.

Merkel, announcing her decision, said that in the specific case of a paragraph in the German criminal code against insulting representatives or symbols of a foreign state, it was up to the government to grant permission for prosecutors to go ahead. After examination of Turkey’s request by the foreign, justice and interior ministries and her own office, the decision was that “the government will grant permission in this case.”

Reports are that the decision fell on her personally. Even if it didn’t fall on her personally, she personally had the ability to override it.

But she has decided to give full control of German policy – and thus the policy of all Europe, as Germany runs Europe – over to a third world haji cesspit.


The new Supreme Leader of all Europe

No one knows why, exactly, she’s decided to do this, though it is suspected to be related to “feminism” and “the Jews.”

The case has left Merkel in both a political and legal bind. While Germany needs Turkey’s support to slow the flow of refugees coming to Europe, Berlin doesn’t want to be seen sacrificing its own values in the process. Yet the German law cited by Erdoğan, which dates back to the 19th century, may give Merkel the cover she needs to weather the uproar.

Yeah, probably not.

Both the left and the right are flipping out. Böhmermann himself is a hardcore leftist – the same guy who made the video about how Germany has to have unlimited migrants because they did the Holocaust.

It’s difficult to imagine a move that could be more universally despised than this move she’s just made.

And it’s fantastic that it was made on the basis of the claim that “Turkey is the only hope for stopping all of these terrorists I invited to come live in our country from coming into our country,” as it makes people look at this insane claim.

Again, just in case there are any retards reading this: the only thing you have to do to stop migrants from coming to Europe is patrol the waters of Greece and turn the boats around. If any of them reach Greece, you simply immediately put them on boats and return them to Turkey.


Germany has a Navy.




The “we need Turkey as a partner” is simply an excuse to push further with the plan to allow Turkey into the EU, which is a key part of the Jewish Islamization of Europe plan.

When Turkey joins the EU, you are going to have all of the same hajis that are coming now – even more – plus tens of millions of Turks. It is a deathblow maneuver.

Merkel’s message on Friday appeared to be that while she was compelled by the law to allow the case to move forward, she disagreed with the statute and planned to overturn it before elections next year. Many German legal scholars have also argued there was little legal basis for Merkel to block the case.


Incredibly weak.

All she would have had to do to stop the prosecution of Böhmermann based on this ancient law is say “don’t prosecute him.”

Everyone knows that, as mentioned, the legal scholars are all saying she has no obligation here. No one even knew about this law until Erdogan’s lawyers dug it up.

She is doing it to please the ruler of a foreign country by lynching her own.

That said, given the broader concerns about media freedom, Merkel could have also argued that since Erdoğan has filed a separate defamation complaint, the government saw no need to invoke the law on offending foreign leaders. More than 80 percent of Germans are opposed to the investigation, according to a poll published by Die Welt. Most Germans see it as a transparent attempt to appease Erdoğan.


I think this will go down as the last straw for this fat childless bitch.


Change is coming.

Germany shall rise again from the ashes, just as it always has before.