Merkel Finally Admits That Pseudo-Refugees Will Change Germany Forever

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
September 9, 2015

Migrants arrive at the main station in Munich, Germany September 5, 2015. Austria and Germany threw open their borders to thousands of exhausted migrants on Saturday, bussed to the Hungarian border by a right-wing government that had tried to stop them but was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers reaching Europe's frontiers.Left to walk the last yards into Austria, rain-soaked migrants, many of them refugees from Syria's civil war, were whisked by train and shuttle bus to Vienna, where many said they were resolved to continue on to Germany.             REUTERS/Michael Dalder  - RTX1R840

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has admitted, albeit in positive undertones, that Germany will be changed because of the 800,000 pseudo-refugees her government wants to squeeze into the country.

What we are experiencing now is something that will occupy and change our country in coming years” said Merkel.

We want that change to be positive, and we believe we can acomplish that.

Germany has become a country that many people abroad associate with hope

That is something very valuable, especially in view of our history

Her comments came in response to the government’s decision to let in 20,000 pseudo-refugees during last weekend alone.

She used this incident to again insist that European countries take in illegal immigrants.

Only with common European solidarity can we master this effort” she said, and called for a “solidarity-based and fair distribution of refugees.

She finally admits it, and she is clearly very happy.

This “change” that she is referring to, is the deliberate attempt to turn Germany from a majority White country into a minority White country, and it is regular working folk who will suffer.

You can say a lot of things about this bizarre and horrifying agenda, but the most important point is that this is White genocide – and we have international law to back us up on this.

This is White Genocide because it violates at least one article of the UN genocide conventions. This is White genocide because Merkel – along with other anti-Whites – are working furiously to make sure White children of the future will be a minority in their own countries.


  1. Germany is going down if this continues…

  2. well, the jews messiah finally came… As a woman.

  3. well, the jews messiah finally came… As a woman.

  4. Even before the war, planned by the kikes.

  5. It was all planned anyhow by the usual suspects.

  6. It sure will change Germany forever!

    Firstly there will terror attacks, then there will be a civil war, then there will be a pogrom, and then there will be a strong NS Germany, and then NS ideology will spread across Europe and the whole of Europe will unite. A true European Union of European People acting only in the interests of the European People.

    ISIS are already setting up their units and networks inside of Germany. They likely have 10,000 fighters embedded among the 800,000 arabs who are just going to be allowed to continue to march into Germany every single year. They don’t even need to march, the German Government will pay for airplanes to fly them in!

    The German welfare system will continue to make poor German families homeless as they are replaced by the “refugees”. Racial tensions will rocket. The German welfare system will pay for the ISIS weapons. Racial tensions will rocket. Eventually, after a few terror attacks, the German People will no longer be so welcoming. The German people will no longer believe that these are isolated incidents from a “few bad eggs”.

    Once that happens, and it is inevitable because that is ISIS’s plan, and that appears to be Merkel’s plan too, there will be a civil war, the government will be lynched and the Germans will remove from their soil every single non-White person including every single jew too.

    The Cultural Marxists have checkmated themselves. The more you think about it the more you can see that this is the only thing that can happen. ISIS are going to start their attacks soon and as the government said, there is nothing they can do to stop it. It is just going to be a part of life for Germans. Well the Germans won’t accept that. They will see that it does not have to be a part of life if only there were only White People living in Germany.

  7. Blame this one on whites. One thing we do better than any other race: “pathological altruism.”

  8. They tried to destroy Germany with WW2 and Allied carpet-bombing, and it failed. Now they are trying with hostile, war-hardened Muslim men, their Welfare-gobbling families to follow, and slow-acting sperm bombing!

    “The Partition of Palestine was favoured by Dr Weizman [Churchill’s closest and most
    long-standing contact with the Zionist movement] who preferred a small State at
    once rather than the prospect of a larger State in the…future. On 8th June 1937, Weizman presented his reasoning at a private dinner given by Sir Archibald Sinclair at which Churchill was present, as well as James de Rothschild and several supporters of Zionism: Leo Amery, Clement Atlee, Col Josiah Wedgwood and Capt Victor Cazalet.
    “You know you are our masters,” Churchill told Weizman, and he added, pointing to those present, “If you ask us to fight, we shall fight like tigers.”

    “After Sinclair and Wedgwood had opposed Partition, and Cazalet and James de Rothschild supported it, and thus supported Weizman, Churchill again ‘jumped up’ and
    denounced Partition as ‘a fraud’ The members of the Baldwin government were “idiots,
    talentless…If England will wake up and defeat Mussolini and Hitler, and then your time will come too.’ Report 9thJune 1937: Ben-Gurion Archive. ‘Churchill and the Jews’ by Sir Martin Gilbert 2007.

  9. Cutting through the platitudes, that statement by Merkel reads as follows:

    We are being invaded. We should be happy that we are being invaded. Because Nazis.

    Let that sink in…

  10. Can’t wait for ISIS to finish setting themselves up and start blowing things up in Germany. They are already in the country. They are setting things up. The most fantastic thing will be when they kidnap Merkel and upload a video of her head being hacked off slowly to chants of Allahu-Akbar.

    Once ISIS start their war, and they will, because they told us that is there plan and our leaders still let them in.

    Well, that will be it. Civil war in Europe. White People vs the hordes. I am looking forward to it. Finally, there will be an opportunity to get them out of our countries. I sure hope that many White American Patriots make the trip over the pond to help out in the war to save Western Civilisation.

  11. The question is will the explosion happen now or later? If now we have a shot, if later we are doomed. Either way Germany is going to have an explosion it is just a matter of When

  12. The question is will the explosion happen now or later? If now we have a shot, if later we are doomed. Either way Germany is going to have an explosion it is just a matter of When

  13. I cannot take it in.
    Is Merkel dictator? Nobody contradicts! NO OPPOSITION at all!
    The complete parlament likes the destruction of Germany, technically, racially! WHY?
    Thousands of shit males are coming and let loose on the girls!
    Merkel is insane, stupid, a jewish witch. And all the members of parliament are idiots and criminals.

  14. I cannot take it in.
    Is Merkel dictator? Nobody contradicts! NO OPPOSITION at all!
    The complete parlament likes the destruction of Germany, technically, racially! WHY?
    Thousands of shit males are coming and let loose on the girls!
    Merkel is insane, stupid, a jewish witch. And all the members of parliament are idiots and criminals.

  15. The best solution to Germany: be divided between two countries.
    West Germany: The multicultural liberal utopia.
    East Germany: Land of german people.

    • It is a bad solution when both countries still are EU members because EU people are allowed to move freely within the EU. And what would the multicultural people do? Just what they ever did. Looking around in the german country and searching blond girls, foreigners, the Arabs, the westniggers, the Greeks, the Turks, the Iranians, the Jews(!) would come. And should the blond girls reject them the multicultural people and the Jews (of course) would cry “racism!” And would they see blond pairs “racists!”
      That was the history of Germany.

  16. The good news is that Germans burned down a refugee camp yesterday.

  17. Fucking idiot cuckolding old Communist cunt. She’s killing her country, her people, and making Germany into something wholly unrecognizable and soon, certainly not as industrious, or safe, or even much different than some other formerly colonized nation of dindus, latinos, hingmings or indians.

    They want to have a German Niggocracy, replete with gibs, crime, rape, low-rent wage slaves, ya know, all those things we have here they say that MAKE AMERIKA GREAT.

  18. German history is beautiful, that is, up until Juden won the war. Jews are THE most spiteful sub-humans in history.

  19. Angela Shekel is a filthy whore who is responsible for the demographic and cultural genocide of Europe by immigrants, the intra-Slavic war between Russia and Ukraine and together with the corrupt Euro-elite they are destroying the European continent and its nations to accommodate US-Jewish interests. The future will judge as destroyers of Europe those who were affiliated with the US and turned Europe into an administrative district of the US empire and a third world landfill for dumping the trash created by US/Jewish wars and destabilization.

  20. The German people are very sentimental, very idealistic. As with the Scandinavians they’ll be the hardest hit and the last to recover from all this. They’re just going to keep following whatever cultural trend inspires the most hope of a better world. And at the moment they’re under the spell of the fabled Marxist Utopia.

  21. #boycottbrownpeople; stop eating kebabs, mexican, and indian foods

  22. #boycottbrownpeople; stop eating kebabs, mexican, and indian foods

  23. The only things for Europeans to do, is to focus and organise in manageable areas and protect those regions, like NWF( Move into those areas ourself with other pro-whites make friends, recruit more, organise.. Just living in a street with more then 1 white nationalist would be a amazing thing. Many of us live far apart and never speak to another one with the same views outside internet.

    What would happened then, is that no none-Europeans would move there, and those living there would move out. And civilian whites who were implicity pro-whote would who would want to live in white areas and want their children to grow up safe, would actively move into those areas, knowing they would never be flooded by none-whites. Of course this is not the same as creating a new nation or defeating the central government, that is a whole other task, if it can be done, wonderful. But meanwhile this would ensure white survivial in these regions.

    And as time went by more and more whites would move into these areas, while none-whites would stay out, and as the economy unavoidable deteriorated, on a national level but more specifically in the regions being flooded by none-whites. Even previously sceptical whites would start to move into the whites-only-regions. And as the islamic insurgency started, all whites whether libtard or nationalist would flood into the white only reservations.

    Eventually these regions would be the only white areas, even the only white majority areas, as whites would be a minority everywhere else, and these areas would the ones carrying the entire economy of the country, and even if the central government was not defeated by then, it certainly would start looking really bad for it.

    In time perhaps we can re-conquer all of our territory. But if not atleast our race will survive in these white reservations.

    • I believe the white reservations you have mentioned are one of the first steps for us on the upcoming new era and so the civil war that might happen later on, and taking thousands of mud people in such a larger scale as Merkel is doing right now is just speeding up the whole process.

  24. So, get this: it’s VERY VALUABLE that PEOPLE ABROAD ASSOCIATE GERMANY WITH HOPE. Get that, people? Pay attention! You are receiving GREAT VALUE. Because people abroad will associate you with hope! What the motherfuck is she talking about?????!!!!!!!!

  25. Sneaky Germanzees taking all dem good refugees and leaving the bad onez for the rest o uzz

  26. DeutschlandÜberAlles

    Hungary: Heroine news channel camerawoman kicks refugees. she is now dismissed. she worked for a channel which is close to the jobbik party. ok she kicked also kids which is not a nice way but…

  27. I’ve noticed WGP articles always finish strong. They really have it down to an art. Very effective propaganda, in a good way.

  28. I got a simple question, when is the Americans and nationalists in Europe going to protest outside the German embassy objecting this shit?

  29. Fuck Merkel and all the other sellout leaders in all the White nations. If the people keep electing sellouts then it’s their own fault. Time for real leaders to take over and stop this shit.

  30. “Especially in view of our history” means “Germans are Nazis and they must be genocided.”

    I like this. It’s nice to see the leaders of the kike agenda flailing. Europe’s insane immigration policies which brought in millions of non-Whites with low IQ’s weren’t working fast enough.

    So now the leaders of Europe are literally encouraging millions of black and brown moslems to illegally invade in a very aggressive manner. The bulk of these parasitic monsters will be settled in Germanic countries. These individuals have no loyalty to their own nations and for some reason feel entitled to the wealth of White people.

    In the short term, this will make Europe less White, but it’s also going to wake up a lot of otherwise passive people.

    • “for some reason”
      When they move in next door, that gets the juices going like nothing else.

    • No dude I don’t think they have the capacity for waking up I think some European countries are literally going to get exterminated off the face of the map. That is what it will take to wake these fags up European white nationalists are in fucking denial. You bet your ass that Rotherham would never happen in America or russia. At least we prosecute the people that rape and murder our kids Europeans are too afraid to do even that.

  31. They’re not really denying it’s genocide of Whites, “they” (blogjooz) often remark how wonderful that would be.
    They get testy about 2 things: 1. Obama Barry is not a natural born Citizen and everything he signed is null and 2. That the jooz have caused cops and journalists to be shot, even on camera, to start their race war…
    they’re a bit testy about these two points, but genocide of Whites, that be fine.

  32. I couldn’t help but notice that the pig had to add “especially in view of our history.” It reminds me of Squealer the propaganda pig in Animal Farm who always tells the other animals “I know things are bad, guys, but you don’t want to go back to being ruled by that awful Mr. Jones do you?” The false propaganda about Adolf and his Knights is the very glue that holds the present evil world order together. Her statement, translated from the bullshit, should read: “I, the leader of the Germans, do hereby declare, 70 years after the war, that those who won the war (the Jews) still rule us with an iron grip. I am their slave and bitch, and, weak woman that I am, I get off on taking it up the ass from my masters..”

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