Merkel BTFO!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2016





Here’s to you, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.



Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU party has been beaten into third place by an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam party in elections in a north-eastern German state.

The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party took just under 21% of the vote behind the centre-left SPD’s 30%.

The German chancellor’s CDU was backed by only 19% of voters, its worst ever result in the state.

The vote was seen as a key test before German parliamentary elections in 2017.

It’s over, bitch.

It’s finally over.

Adolf Hitler on the phone with angela merkel

You have not only destroyed yourself, and will go down as the worst politician in the history of Europe, but you’ve disproved the validity of multiculturalism as a concept.


Mrs Merkel has defended her policies but said she needs to “win back trust”.

Some 1.1 million refugees and migrants entered Germany in 2015.

Many of them arrived after the government decided to loosen border controls just over a year ago.

Mrs Merkel, who is in China for the G20 summit, said she was “very unhappy” with the election result.

“Everyone now needs to think about how we can win back trust – most of all, of course, myself,” she said.

“Obviously it [the election result] has something to do with the refugee question. But I nevertheless believe the decisions made were right and we have to continue to work on them.”

This is humiliating for Angela Merkel – not least because this was on home turf. This election – which was seen as a significant test ahead of next year’s general election – was all about her refugee policy. For a year she’s insisted “Wir schaffen es” (we can do it) but German voters aren’t convinced.

Alternative fuer Deutschland’s anti immigrant and increasingly strident anti-Islam message has a powerful appeal to people concerned about integration and worried about domestic security.

AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) now has delegates in nine of Germany’s 16 states.

After all of these years of wandering in the wilderness, Germany is on the way back home.