Mentally Ill Cross-Dressing Trans-Freak Terrorizes San Diego College; Threatens to Bring Gun to Campus

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2017

Welcome to Hell AKA your new reality.

“Transgenderism” is a collective madness in which entire societies placate the mental illness of cross-dressing men and play along with their delusions of being women. Everyone is to refer to these guys as “she” and “her” and anyone who strays from this directive will be chastised as a bigot until they comply.

It’s the hip new Jew ruse to dupe people into thinking our society is achieving progress, when in reality it’s degenerating into a cesspool of insanity. Now that bestiality is normalized, men mutilating themselves and throwing on dresses is next on the agenda.

Great job, Jews. Now onto the new frontier.

As should be expected when dealing with these ticking time-bombs, occasionally things go haywire. As it turns out, trans-freaks aren’t the most stable people on the planet.

ABC 10:

Students at a South Bay community college received an alert about a potential threat Wednesday afternoon.

The safety alert applied to Nataliya Holmes, a student at Southwestern College, and the community college’s students, faculty and staff due to statements made by Holmes.

The alert reads:

SAFETY ALERT: The college has been informed of a potential safety threat to the college’s students, faculty, and staff due to statements made by student Nataliya Holmes. The college is working with law enforcement and other agency partners to take appropriate steps to ensure her safety and the safety of the entire college community.

Police could not get into the specifics but said the threats were made on campus in person on Tuesday in front of several people.

Hmm. No description. What kind of threats were these exactly?


A Southwestern College student told the Dean of Students she would bring a gun to campus so “everyone will look at what is going on,” prompting the school to issue a safety alert, according to a restraining order obtained by NBC 7.

That’s good. See what pampering these psychopaths gets you? And this only came out recently. The initial warnings were as vague as possible so as not to offend this gender-bending nutjob. Good job, assholes.

How is anyone supposed to stay safe when they don’t know anything other than this circus-freak’s name and alleged sex?

They could at least mention “her” jawline and linebacker shoulders in the description.

Let’s get to know a little more about “Ms.” Holmes.

NBC 7:

Holmes’ Facebook posts are filled with mentions of transgender equality. Her most recent one on Monday noted how she wanted to file a complaint about not having urinals in every women’s restroom.

She also wrote how walking around on Southwestern’s campus in a bra or underwear for three days opened her eyes to the potential that she has the brain of a woman, but the anatomy of a man.

This freak was allowed to teach children too!

The Chula Vista Elementary School District has also confirmed that Holmes was an occasional substitute teacher for them last year, but could not comment on whether she is expected to return for the upcoming school year.

Why would someone who is clearly unstable and not right in the head be allowed to be near the most vulnerable members of our society? What purpose does this serve?

This is pure insanity, plain and simple.

It’s a bizarre standard that’s been foisted upon us by the Jewsual suspects: social engineers and the Judenpresse.

Notice too how all these news eunuchs refer to this weirdo as a woman, saying “she” and “her” and playing along with his psychosis.

If a schizophrenic who thought he was king of the world was on the loose threatening people, would they refer to him as “Supreme Ruler Bill Jones” or “Lord of the Universe Ted Johnson” in their descriptions?

“Local King Jack Torrance went on a killing spree on Wednesday. Your Highness is still at large. Colorado Police say to be on the lookout for someone looking very kingly and regal.”

The cross-dressing creep was in the news a few months ago raising hell about being told to use the men’s room at a music venue.

San Diego Tribune:

A transgender woman says she was shocked and embarrassed last week when she came out of the women’s restroom during a concert at the Belly Up Tavern, and an employee admonished her that she had to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on her driver’s license.

“It was like public shaming for me,” said Nataliya Holmes, 46, of Imperial Beach. “When that occurs in society it affects all of us. None of us want to live in a society where people are treated discriminatorily.”

Kevin Kish, director of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), which enforces state anti-discrimination laws, said that if the exchange happened in the way Holmes described, “it’s a very clear, straightforward violation of state law. There’s really no ambiguity at all.”

If the violation is substantiated, DFEH would attempt to mediate a resolution, which could involve working with the Belly Up to train its employees on requirements of state law, with the goal of ensuring that such incidents do not occur in the future.

In the case of a lack of cooperation when a violation is determined, said Kish, DFEH could file a lawsuit seeking compliance.

Now you have the arm of the state enforcing this degenerate madness! State-mandated insanity! Where does it end?

Enough placating these psychopaths! These people are deranged and they need to be locked away and given treatment until they are corrected. If you have a dick and a Y chromosome, you’re a man, no matter how much makeup you put on and how much you “feel” like a woman. Period.

We need to put a stop to this insanity. If a man is dressing like a woman, they need to be told they’re a man. Instead of this transgendered crap, call them what they are: cross-dressers. If they were crazy enough to get surgery to “become” a woman, all that makes them is a mutilated cross-dresser. We cannot sit idly by and act as enablers for these damaged people. They need mental help, not encouragement.

And failing that, they need the bog.

This is who they want teaching your kids and using the bathroom with your daughters. When will enough be enough, white man?