Mentally Handicapped Neo-Nazi Bullies Arab Child in Front of White Supremacist Lynch Mob

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2018

Skip to the seven-minute mark when brave young Yusef approaches the mic to challenge Steven Crowder.

First things first, I’m so triggered that I can’t keep even keep the satire going. So let me just say this:

Crowder is a massive BRAINLET and a fake Chad AKA a Soyboy surrounded by fans even dumber than he is. 

Now, being a basic bitch brainlet is not the end of the world in and of itself. Many brainlets go on to live successful and social lives. In fact, the world is run by C-level students with good social skills…who work for the kikes.

That’s what “success” means nowadays. 

It’s all about being barely smart enough to do what you’re told, without being smart enough to question why you are being told to do it.

However, Crowder got so completely BTFO’d by Yosuf’s weaponized autism that he decided to try and go full gorilla mindset on Yosuf. He started getting all up in Yosuf’s face, waving his hands around and making chimp noises.

*grunts approvingly*

Crowder was no match for Nationalist talking points. It was the first time he ever came up against someone who could coherently stand up to his Lolbergtardian, pro-Corporate and implictly anti-White talking points.

And yeah, yeah, I know that Yosuf is an Arab or something. 

But honestly, once you hit a certain level of IQ, many Big Brain Nibbas begin to transcend their racial biases and are able to look at the situation objectively.

I know several extremely smart non-Whites who sympathize with White Nationalism. This is because they can analyze the situation impartially and realize that White civilization is a net benefit for the entire world and what the Jews are doing to us is a travesty.

In fact, I know a couple of non-White White Nationalists.

I’ve seen these non-Whites go full Nazi-tier in public and watched petrified GoodWhites force themselves to laugh along because they feel physically sick at the idea of having to disagree with a person sporting a turban.

Now, MOST non-Whites won’t ever say a word on our behalf, despite everything we have done for them. Worse, many of them see and understand that we are being destroyed. They are just benefitting from our dispossession so they keep quiet. Or they are jealous and hate us, and want to cut off their nose to spite their face.

And the whole “Based” meme mocking Trump supporting minorities is completely justified. 

Because these non-Whites argue for individualism and end up just talking to White audiences and basically saying, “look at me, I want to be your friend, but only if you stop thinking about White people’s group interests”. That’s what almost all these based non-Whites preach. Fuck them. 

But yo, seriously, credit where credit is due – Yosuf wasn’t doing that.

And I’ll take any help I can get from smart, articulate and brave kids who challenge shills like Crowder head-on.

Anyways, I would go so far as to call this the Crowder Virgin vs the Chad Yosuf debate. The BTFOing was so transparent and Crowder was finally revealed to be a what we all already knew he was – a corporate, basic-bitch, neocon shill.

Hail Yosuf, hail our people and fuck Crowder.