Men Supporting Hillary Linked to Low Testosterone Levels

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2016

There is absolutely a link between testosterone and politics.

Right-wing politics are masculine, left-wing politics are feminine. That’s why the Jews had to get women involved in politics in order to push their left-wing agenda.


A Fort Myers doctor says if you are a man thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, you may need to have your testosterone checked.

It’s a controversial commercial hitting Southwest Florida airwaves.

The doctor says it’s a humorous way to promote his business and also join the political discussion. But some radio listeners aren’t laughing.

“Most are not aware of the effect low T can have on your mental state. For instance your ability to focus and think clearly,” he said.

Dr. Dareld Morris of Morris Medical and Weight Loss Center in Fort Myers is issuing a warning to all men regarding their testosterone levels.

“As a community service, for any guys out there that are thinking of voting for Hillary, I want to offer you a free testosterone test. Let’s see if we can help,” Dr. Morris says in his ad.

“I think it’s pretty hilarious,” said Paul Holz

“I honestly feel like he’s a pinhead for saying that,” said Tedazia Vinders.

We talked to Dr. Morris who says he “leans right” and just wanted to make a humorous political statement while promoting his practice.

Testosterone problems are one of the biggest challenges facing Western society. Because the bigger part of this isn’t ideological, it is biological. The food and environment, as well as the sedentary lifestyle, are affecting T levels, and this is driving men toward feminism and faggotry.


This has been known for a while.

It is a fact that extra weight on your body causes you to produce more estrogen. And all of these little twiggy faggots running around are also low-T.

Ideology will only draw in intellectual people. For normal people, decisions will be made on how you feel about things. And the hormones play a huge role in how you feel.

This is why I encourage good health, including weight-lifting. Weight-lifting will actually increase your T-levels. A man can be both skinny and/or fat and a proper Nazi – it’s possible – but it’s difficult.