Men in Hummer with Guns Drive Up from Virginia to Rush Pennsylvania Vote Counters

Southerners in a Hummer with guns, you say?

This seems real, for sure.

Fox News:

Police in Philadelphia have taken two armed men into custody near the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where ballots are still being counted in the too-close-to-call 2020 presidential election.

Philadelphia police said that they were armed with guns. They allegedly drove into the city in a Hummer from out of state, from somewhere “down South.” Police did not say what their intentions were.

News of the arrests comes after WPVI-TV reported police had thwarted a potential plot to attack the convention center involving a Hummer and an armed group traveling from Virginia.

The FBI has taken over the investigation.

One of the men might not have had a permit to carry a firearm, and they allegedly gave police information about another vehicle nearby. It was unoccupied, but had long guns in it.

The ongoing ballot count in Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular, has eroded President Trump’s lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in the state.

More like it’s eroded faith in the entire system.

Fox is really shilling hard.

Look at this guy they quote:

Election Assistance Commission Chairman Ben Hovland, a Trump appointee, called the statements from the president’s appearance “harmful to our democracy.”

“I think the processing we are seeing is normal,” he said. “The reason some of this is taking a while is the security measures that are in place to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of the vote.”

“Yes, it’s normal, goy – you never knew the result of the election until the next week. If you thought you knew the results on election night, that was just a crazy dream, goy.”

“It’s the opposite of fraud, goy. We’re preventing fraud by making sure that you can’t see what’s happening.”

At least there’s one guy in Pennsylvania fighting for the people.

Fox News:

A top Pennsylvania Republican state senator called Thursday for the resignation of Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, accusing her of failing to ensure an orderly presidential election in the Keystone State.

Doug Mastriano, chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, claimed in a lengthy letter to Boockvar that “Pennsylvanians no longer feel secure in casting their vote.”

“The nucleus of any free society is confidence that each citizen’s vote will count,” Mastriano added. “Nothing is more crucial to Americans than confidence that our voices will be heard through voting.”

Mastriano, who has been a vocal opponent of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration’s ongoing coronavirus restrictions, accused Boockvar of “fail[ing] to deploy even the minimum safeguards.”

A retired Army colonel, Mastriano wrote that he had directed NATO’s Joint Intelligence Center in Afghanistan, work that included providing “oversight and security to Afghan elections — a country that had never witnessed an honest election.”

Mastriano added that the NATO apparatus helped ensure an election that was both safe and fair, with various security measures in place to ensure one vote per legal voter.

“I wish I could say the same of elections in Pennsylvania during your time as the Secretary of the Commonwealth,” he wrote, adding that he and many Pennsylvania voters have “lost confidence” in the secretary’s leadership.

On Thursday, Boockvar told reporters that the race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden was “very close in Pennsylvania.”

“There is no question that means it is going to take longer to actually see the winner,” added Boockvar, who said that “several hundred thousand ballots remain to be counted.”

This woman is horrible.

Probably Jewish.

Frankly, a white woman is just as bad as a Jew woman, so whatever. But she definitely appears to be visibly Jewish.

It would be nice if Tucker would have Mastriano on. He seems to understand what is going on on the ground better than anyone.