Men Chewing Rubber Balls to “Get Chiseled Jaws”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2019


The reason the jawlines have disappeared is because plastics in the environment are changing the hormonal systems of men, making them more like women.

It may be possible to change their jawlines by simply increasing testosterone generally. Certainly, people who use steroids do that.

Chewing a ball seems like a weird action.

Daily Mail:

Thousands of men desperate for a chiselled jaw are chewing on a rubber ball as part of a bizarre and potentially dangerous trend.

They’re sharing videos of themselves gurning awkwardly online as they chomp down on the £40 resistance ball with hopes of achieving more defined facial features.

US company JawlineMe promises customers a pronounced jawline within just three months if they perform a 10-minute ‘workout’ daily.

On its website, the firm claims chewing their Fitness Ball & Facial Toner product once a day leads to ‘slimmer and healthier skin, a reduced double chin and a sharper jawline’.

Customers can buy the product, which is being promoted by Instagram influencers, with varying levels of resistance.

Heavily-tattooed British social media influencer Andrew England, who boasts 350,000 followers, advertised the product to his fans in June.

Observe, Andrew England:

This individual is on huge amounts of drugs, so it isn’t really fair for him to be having an opinion on the issue in my view.

(I should also note that he is obviously a homosexual, for anyone wondering, I can confirm that this is indeed obvious.)

As I say, steroids WILL change the muscle structure in your face.

The ball chewing is a crazy idea, so I don’t know what to really say about it. I’ve never thought about it.

Dentists are warning people about it, however.

But dentists have warned the products were useless and could potentially cause unwanted side effects.

Dr Richard Marques, of Devonshire Place Dental, told MailOnline: ‘The dangers of this are that the device may actually damage or crack your teeth because of the hardness of the material used.

‘This can lead to the need for expensive fillings or crowns, or even the teeth breaking and having to be removed.

‘Additionally the device could actually cause TMJ disorder by dislocating your jaw joint. This can result in pain and problems opening and closing your mouth.

‘The Love Island effect is definitely a feature in people wanting to improve their jaw shapes.

This is because people are influenced by what they see on social media / the TV and they want to improve their appearance to look more like the stars of reality shows like this.’

One thing is clear: you really look like an asshole doing this.