Men Are Less Likely Than Women to Suffer Depression When Working Long Hours

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2019

Facebook, Excel and PowerPoint are so stressful.

Just last month we learned that stressful jobs turn women into pigs but not men, and now researchers are telling us that there’s yet another form of male privilege.

Daily Mail:

Women who put in long hours at work are prone to depression – but the same is not true of men, researchers have found.

A study found women who worked more than 55 hours per week were more likely to suffer depression than women working a standard 35- to 40-hour week.

Men were no more likely to suffer depression if they worked long hours overall – but were still susceptible to problems if they worked weekends.

The researchers suspect the gender difference is down to the fact that even when women have left work, they are left with the burden of chores around the home.

Lead author Gill Weston, of University College London, said the findings called for greater support for women working long hours in the workplace.

Gill Weston, PhD, UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care 

Although we cannot establish the exact causes, we do know many women face the additional burden of doing a larger share of domestic labour than men, leading to extensive total work hours, added time pressures and overwhelming responsibilities,’ she said.

Do they really think that men who work long hours are all married and pushing their domestic chores to their wives? Because that seems to be what they’re saying here.

They’re saying that men working long hours don’t get depressed because they may not be doing any work at home, which is an absurd assumption that ignores the fact that men that live alone have jobs too.

Women are just less resistant to the kind of stress men are more prepared to resist. But saying that goes against equality, which means it’s misogynistic. Anything that may even imply that women are somehow different than men in some non-superfluous aspect is misogynistic.

The researchers also found that married women with children at home tended to be less likely to work long hours than single women – but married fathers were more likely to put in overtime at the office than men with no family.

But they just said that women working longer hours were more likely to be depressed presumably because of the larger share of domestic labor they do. If most of those women working longer hours are single… then why are they blaming men for not “doing their fair share of domestic labor” or whatever?

What is even the point of mentioning a domestic chores gap between men and women who work longer hours in the first place if women working longer hours are likely to be single?

Are they saying that single men are less likely to work longer hours and thus have a wife or girlfriend living with them at home and taking care of the so-called domestic labor?

That may not be far-fetched considering how insufferable most wives are nowadays.

Maybe married men really look forward to working longer hours to avoid being around their wives as much as possible.

The researchers wrote: ‘Our findings of more depressive symptoms among women working extra long hours might also be explained by the potential double burden experienced by women when their long hours in paid work are added on their time in domestic labour.

Previous studies have found that once unpaid housework and caring is accounted for, women work longer than men, on average, and that this has been linked to poorer physical health.

They keep going on about housework, caring, domestic labor and so on – but this isn’t the 1800s anymore. Women have machines to wash dishes and clothes, machines to clean the house, and even machines to cook. They have all of these technological marvels, yet women’s houses are often full of filth and disgusting.

Maybe some things are not men’s fault, you know?