Memetic Tuesday: Pursuit of Perfection

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2019

It’s Monday Tuesday again in Clown World.


Another fine week of adventures.

Also, another week where I struggle with scraping together some kind of narrative.

One thing I will say is this:  “I would like very much to be a perfect man.”

Not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of all good people in the world.

Again: all of the good people in the world.

Some people aren’t so good, after all.

I’m not perfect, though.

Neither are you, but you are already likely aware of your own faults and shortcomings.

(As an internet user, you’ve certainly learned about many of your flaws from people who will die without ever meeting you!)

I’m not here to identify and address your flaws, however: that is your own responsibility, dear reader – and think twice before outsourcing that responsibility.

No, I’m talking about my own flaws – or a specific one, rather:

I have trouble crafting narratives after 10-12 hours of browsing memes on sub-56kbps internet.

Puts the ol’ noggin right to sleep, I tell ya.

I suppose it starts off comfy enough.

Step one: Wait half a minute while an image loads.

Step two: If the image is not a meme of noteworthy quality, return to step one. Otherwise, proceed.

Step three: Save the image and return to step one.

This three-step process is repeated hundreds of times.

I see a lot of old memes during the process.

Some of them are very old.

I recognize the tribe’s tiresome trickery, and I regret that it persists in our societies.

I see newer memes which address this unfortunate truth.

I recognize the symptoms of a modern society subjugated by parasites.

I encounter bad spelling, used car ads, and scraps of ancient wisdom.

I encounter images of Creepy Joe Biden, and I wonder if Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” rhymes intentionally.

It’s weak, regardless: Biden is not taking a nap, he’s indulging in lewd urges.

As I repeat the three-step process, I see much disdain for Negroes – so much, indeed.

I’d refer to the targets of such memes as “low-hanging fruit,” but we’re not really hanging them anymore.

I said there was much disdain, didn’t I? I wasn’t kidding.

Scattered among all of these memes are various coincidences, conspiracies, and criminality.

There’s a lot going on, and the many memes I encounter reflect as much.

However, there are many low-quality memes out there.

The low-quality memes, when combined with my slow internet, inflict significant mental fatigue.

Hours later, I’m like: “What do you even say about all of this?”

The images say plenty, by themselves.

The urge to step aside, grab a controller, and dive into some vidya is real.

If my President won’t give me a border wall, I can at least interact with a digital wall.


What would Biden do?

That’s a rhetorical question.

And here are the rest of this week’s memes.

…And of course there are more niggers, lol.

That’s all for this week, friends.

I was waiting to finish this before walking my dog, and it’s raining now.

Not perfect, dammit.

But that’s life.

You take what you can get, and do your best regardless.

Have a good week, and stay strong.

Check ’em.

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