Memetic Monday: We are All Doomed

I don’t really have any text to write here.

You guys saw all those great articles I wrote Sunday, right? I was on fire. If you think today’s articles suck, just go back and read Sunday’s again.

A man needs to cool down after a day like that.

But I’ll do my best.

So, why is this called “we’re all doomed”?

Um, because we are all doomed?

I don’t know what else to tell you about that.

I made a meme this week, which is really good.

Best part?

It’s now a template!

Also, I made this meme. It’s not really a meme, so much as a public service announcement.

You might be saying “Anglin, I can’t keep my bitch in check, she doesn’t even have a bikini bridge!”

Well, that’s one of the pluses about being doomed: in the Doomed Earth, bitches aren’t going to be making these kinds of choices.

This is my favorite meme of the week:

We’ve got a lot more Alec Baldwin to come.

You knew that was happening.

We’ve also got quite a bit of “Clenched Biden.” You’ll love it. (And watch for the one that mixes the two!)

I didn’t even plan to write a big intro, but people now demand wholesome memes.

Well, here it is.

No more.

The rest of these are straight up vulgar – virulent hatred.


Let’s just do this thing.