Memetic Monday: Tuesday Edition

It’s probably time to start talking a lot more about Cyber Polygon. I’m stuck in a loop with this virus bullshit, but that’s all about to pale in comparison to a global cyber hoax that shuts down the entire planet.

This is late.

Today is Tuesday; it’s not Monday at all.

But I’ve got a really important and reasonable excuse: I went rabbit hunting and literally got lost in the briar patch. Then I fell in a well and had to have emergency surgery on my funny bone. Let’s hope it’s working!


Didn’t we have a holiday?

Gotta get them holiday memes in, or they’ll take our holidays away and replace them with some gay shit.

Not really off to a great start here, but that’s what we’ve got for holiday memes. Don’t worry – it gets better.

Second, do we have any wholesome memes?

Okay, good.

Glad we got that out of the way.

No, just joshing – here’s a few more wholesome ones.

Some of those don’t really look very wholesome. I think I might be confusing “wholesomeness” with “things boomers understand.”

But wait – I’ve got the most classic wholesome meme.

No, wait. Actually, yes, that is one of my all time favorite wholesome memes, and might be the best ever.

But I meant this one.

Every. Single. Time. 



Any Trump memes?

Great, great.

I like it because I don’t support Trump being banned, even though he –

Yeah, okay. Let’s not talk about Trump.

Do we have any horse memes?

Remember a few weeks ago, when it was all about the horses?


I just literally slapped my knee IRL.

Glad that’s still going.

And how about… Nick Fuentes? Got any Fuentes memes?

Alright. We love our Fuentes memes, don’t we folks?

What about… Australia memes?

Oh man, that’s a classic.

But at this point, I almost feel like Australia has lost the spirit of the Aussie Shitposter.

I hate to say it. I do hate to say it.

But it feels like they’ve lost it.

Meanwhile, some guy in Australia is reading this and preparing a mass shooting – “oi, cunt, we’ll see who’s lost it then, won’t we?”

Even I am at the point where I make a joke like that and feel like I need to add “JUST JOKING FBI!” But I won’t. (But seriously FBI, that is just a joke. This is the joke, FBI: Australians are known for being rowdy people, as symbolized by the “Australian Shitposter” meme, but they’ve submitted to a system of futuristic totalitarian tyranny. So then what I said implied that they’re not so rowdy anymore. The joke is that an Australian would take offense to that, and then commit an outrageous act to prove they’re still rowdy. Hang in there, FBI. You’ll get the hang of this meme stuff someday.)

Moving on…

Hey, how about “Let’s Go Brandon”?

Oh, and we’ll have a few of those later as well. I love me some “Let’s Go Brandon.” I think that summarizes the entire situation I’ve been trying to explain regarding what the media is going to be like when we hit full censorship. (FBI, crowds were chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” and the media said they were saying “Let’s Go Brandon.”)

What about… animated Gif memes that aren’t too big to surpass the file size limit?


Oh. Okay. None of those then.

Anyway, here’s the rest.