Memetic Monday: Tis the Season to Ponder the Orb

Everyone is going to have to live with their choices.

It’s Monday and that means memes around these parts.

It means orb pondering.

It means laughing even more at these Jews and their disastrous anti-Christmas debacle.

Frankly, I don’t know why, with all of these Christmas tree burnings, I just now thought “these attacks are obviously inspired by the Seth Rogan and Sara Silverman HBO special Santa Inc.” But I should have said that last week and it is obviously true.

People are watching this Jewish show and going out and burning Christmas trees. Santa Inc is literally virulent hate propaganda intended to inspire real world violence.

But here, we respect Christmas. And not simply the aesthetics, but as a celebration of the birth of Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

Memetic Monday is mostly about fun. But more people read these articles than anything else on this site by like, 1000x. So I’m going to – very briefly – give you something serious to ponder like an orb.

Look at your hands. Move your fingers in and out. Turn them to face you, stretch your fingers out and then clamp them into fists. And understand that this is possible, this magic ability of your brain to move these muscles which are capable of altering physical matter. That thought-driven movement, like your thoughts and emotions, is life, and The Science has no explanation for why it exists.

I have an explanation: it’s because God breathed life into you, and that breath is in you, and it is what makes you animated, it is what makes you alive. You should hold that thought with you, every second of your life, however long it lasts.

Remember this: The Science does not have an explanation for the existence of life. They just try to avoid it, while also claiming to be the ultimate arbiter of reality. As if there is a more important question than “why does life exist?”

Life is God’s breath, and that breath is what defines everything that you are.

Knowing this, and internalizing it, is what defines the difference between a worm-like slug creature who thinks he’s a god and a real human being who can act with the power of God through the Grace of God.

And it is the only path to serenity. To accept that everything you are is simply a tiny part of everything God is.

Do I have a pick of the week this week?

Hard call.

So much dankness.

But Ima go with this one.

I couldn’t be asked to pick a favorite.

Well. Maybe at some point I could.

But it would require a lot more pondering.


I have something important to go do in real life.

Same time next week.