Memetic Monday: THOTS, Nogs, and ZOG

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

Monday has once again arrived.

I know, I know; it ended only 144 hours ago, now it’s back again.

It keeps happening, man. It’s on repeat.

Sure, the same can be said for every other day of the week; they’re predictable and unremarkable.

However, some days bear witness to exciting events which have never before occurred in recorded history.

This time around, we observed the formation of an amazing, mind-bending reality:

We’re getting a negro James Bond.


Back in the day when those old  Spaghetti Western cowboy movies were being created, someone had decided: “Hey, let’s change things up; we’ll put the bad guys in the white hats, and put the good guys in black hats! Ha!”

Everyone was like, “Whoa, this is… just wow. Is this really happening? The significance of this development is substantial AF.”

That was a big cinematic deal.

However, this “Black Bond” deal is way bigger than that.

Relatively speaking: the changing of hat colors was a small sardine; the changing of the Bond skin colors is a gigantic whale.

This was another one of those Amazing Things That Have Never Happened Before.

History had never witnessed the mourning of such an obese commie blob.

I get that communism is an effective weight loss program, but there are better options.


Despite a six million percent success rate, the “burnt food diet” never really took off.

“Died without dignity while fighting decency” is not a eulogy anyone should aspire to be given.

All liberty should be taken as a path to transcendence, not as an avenue to self-destruction and degeneracy.

Likewise, being a THOT is a very poor life choice.

I merely state the obvious, however.

Let us now move on to this Monday’s selected memes.

And before we go, so brief words of wisdom…

That concludes this week’s Memetic Monday.

Again, I’d like to thank the BBS Bros. for their contributions.

Memetic Mondays without your submissions would be like gas chambers with wooden doors.

Have an excellent week, friends.

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