Memetic Monday: This is What You Get

White Pill: Ben Garrison made an Anti-Trump cartoon in response to his endless vax shilling.

It’s a good thing it’s Monday and I can just post 120 funny pictures and make everyone seal-clap.

Because my energy levels are through the floor, even after 3 Five-Hour Energy drinks, which, based on my math, should give me either 15 hours of energy or five hours of triple energy.

I can’t even write anything here.

Well, I can write one thing: I love you all.

Stay free.

Stay pure.

Keep your chin up and never call a man “sir” unless he deserves it.

Please enjoy your funny pictures.

(Some of these are still Christmasy. Because it might be January 3, but I’m still feeling a bit Christmasy.)

Post-credits scene…