Memetic Monday: The Portal Bridges We’ve Burned

More like Hashtag Sadmerica, amirite?

It’s meme time.

Let me just make sure the Meme Machine is tuned-up, min-maxed, and ready for a rough ride.

Are you excited?

Get excited.

The main topic of the week: Lord Fauci torturing beagles.

People are mad as heck. With good reason. Beagles of all dogs…!

Also this week – we had a holiday!

I said with Columbus Day: you have to fight for your holidays. They’re trying to take Halloween away from us too, even though it is neither a Christian religious holiday nor a celebration of our history. They just want to take our holidays away on purpose as a way of destroying the culture.

Also, unlike a lot of our holidays, which are shared across the Christian world, Halloween is explicitly American (and yes, the consumerist machine has tried to spread it out across the world in a way that hurts other people’s cultures). So even as a big Halloween guy, I appreciated this Australian’s sign.

I’d be mad if kids in my neighborhood were celebrating Dingo Day or whatever.

I understand.

The funniest thing of the week was that fake Nazis thing in Virginia.

Niggas gotta get paid. Dem streets ain’t easy. Niggas gotta do what dey is gots to do, nigga.

I thought it was legit just meant as performance art, but if you look at the “people” (Jews, in fact, which is a type of bipedal reptile) who were shilling it – they were serious.

Oh and I didn’t actually even write about it, but at least one blue check account (I think from Italy) said that Joe Biden’s meeting with the “Pope” lasted so long (an unheard of 75 minutes) because he shit his pants and had to be cleaned up.

What about anything wholesome? Do we have any of that?

That’s as good as it’s going to get. The rest of this stuff is really just racist, sexist, denialist, and in support of tranny suicide.

What about… boomer memes?

Oh, yes. We’ve got boomer memes. We’re up to our eyeballs in those (just wait).

And…. my pick of the week!

Here’s the runner-up.

Second runner-up.

I can’t say it’s an Editor’s Pick, but I also want to note: I’m a big respecter of this meme.

And here’s the rest of this crap.

You’ve made it all the way to the end.

You handsome devil.

But it always ends too soon, doesn’t it?

That’s why, hopefully starting this week (but maybe next week) I’m going to start publishing “Midweek Meme Madness,” probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

We’ve got so many memes, we can’t even fit them all in one post…!

Look for it.