Memetic Monday: The Monday of Reckoning

Is it already Monday again?

I can’t even keep these days straight anymore.

Why don’t they have ten days in a week? Wouldn’t that be easier to keep track of? Why can’t we apply the metric system to weeks?

I’ve got good memes for you, whatever week it is.

I will warn you – they contain hate and denialism.

Also, Holocaust denialism that ironically pretends that the Holocaust happened and was funny. For the record, it would have been REALLY funny if the Holocaust had happened.

This is my strange pick of the week.

It’s not really a funny meme, but I found it very insightful. And you do kind of chuckle at just how barbaric and anti-intellectual the left is. That lack of thought, lack of insight, is visible in every aspect of leftist culture. Leftism is nothing but a cult that worships authority.

Of the funny stuff – they’re all funny this week.

We’ve got a lot about that Jew anti-Christmas HBO thing.

But I laughed most at this:

I really like that news article screenshots are now just memes, even without comment.

This one was also perfect.

Also, I’m a big respecter of this one.

Women should be:

  1. Beaten
  2. Gang-raped
  3. Forced to wear burqas forever more


Here we go again, lads.