Memetic Monday: The Last Memes of a Horrible Year for Everything Other Than Memes

It’s the Monday after Christmas, and after enjoying a whole boatload of peace and goodwill towards men, I’m ready for some good old fashioned virulent hatred for the color of the skin and the length of the nose.

Just kidding.

We’ve got a lot of Christmas cheer today, mixed in with our hate and denialism.

I had actually meant to post a special Christmas Meme post on Christmas, but then I didn’t even finish my normal Christmas post until the very tip of Christmas (it was still Christmas in Alaska).

I think my Christmas post was very good though, and worth the wait. I hope you’ll read it, even though it is not funny.

Basically, I’m overloaded with memes right now, so look for an extra meme post later in the week.

This is my pick of the week:

Nothing you will see below even comes close to that.

This one was pretty good though.

Lots of them are pretty good.

They’re all pretty good.

Great edgy/boomer/wholesome mix this week, I think.

This slayed me.

Here’s what we’ve got, folks.

Finally, I just want to leave you with this post-credits scene.

But this post-post-credits scene is even more severe.

See you next week.

Actually probably tomorrow.

I’ve got a lot of memes to dump, folks.