Memetic Monday: Rest in Peace, Neverending Story

Okay, well.

I’ve got a meme list this week.

After popular demand.

Very, very popular.

People are demanding that Joe Isolated come back and take up his former duties, and there was even a peaceful protest outside his house.

I was gonna do a horse memes section.

Chad Thunder Horsecock is so good.

And then I was gonna do a 911 section.

A vax section would be too big, because half of these are vax memes.

But nigga, I ain’t got no sections.

Memes are really a lot harder to organize than you’d think.

You upload them, then you try to categorize them after uploading, then you miss some, and it’s just a mess.

If you want to see more organized memes, then join the revolution against Joe for quitting.

Memes, general.