Memetic Monday: Memes? Memes, Memes, Memes.

I’ve got memes… memes out the wazoo.

Did I already say that wazoo thing last week?

Anyway, I’m trying my best to avoid cringe, and also not to be too racist.

But some of these memes man… some of these are really, really, really cringe. No, wait, I mean they’re really racist.

Cringle levels are low. Cringle? Cringe levels. Low.

The most important thing that happened last week was the rise of the Aryan Queen Nicki Minaj. She had previously been the queen of ass-shaking, and she is now the total queen of the Aryan race.

Seriously – if there was an election between Donald Trump and Nicki Minaj, I would vote for Nicki. Trump is a vaxer and Nicki is an anti-vaxer. Vax is the only issue that matters to me anymore. Simple as.

(Also, Nicki is apparently better at fighting against the media, and literally doxes journalists to her tens of millions of followers.)

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I just hope Nicki doesn’t go to the White House and get replaced with a clone.

I’m also really big on American freedom memes this week.

Really bullish on that type of meme.

(I guess that second one is kind of a leftist meme – but it’s a good one.)

We also had the big time meme event when those FBI agents got caught at the DC rally, looking all spooky.

Big memes.

The part that is I guess sort of flattering is that they very clearly based their fed outfit on my style guide books. Remember my style guidebooks? (Such a simpler time.)

But yeah for serious – check it.

That style remains the appropriate summer look, really. Feds co-opting it doesn’t make it less fashionable. I’m not big on the black socks and water bottles, and think chinos look a lot better than jean shorts. Also, though the sunglasses are okay, you don’t want to show up with a group all wearing the same sunglasses. Also, I’d go with a more classic watch.

Feds really do have some nerve showing up looking so obvious like that.

But I guess it was their own rally, huh?

Kinda disappointing to find out the feds can still recruit young, fit white men to fight for their global anal feminist agenda. Maybe those guys are all gay? (I guess more likely they’re Mormons.)

But you know… black people and Jews, right?

How about those Jews and black people?

And vaccines? Man, I’m sick of hearing about these vaccines.

I’ve got a lot of memes about that, too.

I collected these myself, mostly from the Gamer Uprising and also from Newgrounds.

Anyway, he’s your weekly meme list – free of cringe and racism.