Memetic Monday: In the Mouth of Midterms

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2018

A wild MONDAY appears!

A writer’s BLOCK appears, too.


Unlike NPCs, I have internal dialogue.

I’m not claiming that it’s good dialogue, though.

Me: “It’s time to post memes, man.”

Me: “Yeah, but I can’t figure out what to write.”

Me: “You can’t post memes because you can’t figure out what to write?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Awkward silence follows.

Me: “…Well, the real DS staff writes all of the meaningful stuff anyway.”

Me: “Yeah.  Good excuse to whip out when your front-hole hurts, eh?”

Me: “Whatever. It’s your front-hole too, you know. Faggot.”

Me: “Just ask ’em how Halloween was for ’em.  Then say something about the mid-terms and post the memes.”

So, how’d Halloween treat you?

Yeah, treat. No pun intended, lol.

Midterms are approaching.

There was a fine article posted here earlier about the importance of voting.

Read the article. Vote.

If you don’t vote, you’re even lower than my level of internal dialogue.

And, man – that’s low.

You’ve got to do what you can to keep Talmudic psychopaths from holding office.

(That’s 14 words, btw.)

Remember what’s at stake.

Do it for the doggos.

They would do it for you, if they could.

No one else will carry on the 40,000 years of canine domestication.

The Japanese might – if they weren’t already facing their own immigration battles.

It’s not just free speech and doggos; your waifus are at stake, as well.

So, if this is what you’re thinking:

Change your mindset to this:

Or this:

No particular outcome is guaranteed.

Good things can happen, though.

Your vote can help them happen.

Surf’s up, folks.

Hang ten.

…And now, November’s first Memetic Monday comes to its conclusion.

As a reminder:

Thanks once again for the meme submissions, BBS Bros.

Have a great week.