Memetic Monday: I Feel Fine, Bro

It’s Monday, and I feel fine, bro.

I’ve been praying to Jesus and taking probiotics. I cut the carbs.

I feel free, despite my enemies who prowl and stalk in the bushes and weeds.

(Note: I don’t support Camus – pronounced Kay-Muss – by the way. In any way, at all. But it’s a perfect quote. And the meme looks so very nice, doesn’t it?)

And guess what?

I’ve got all these great memes for you.

Isn’t that great news?

Everything is going to be fine.

The Doom gives us only one choice:

  • Submit
  • Resist

The Doom will make our souls pure again.

The Doom too works for the Lord – even if the Doom is unaware.

All things serve the Lord of Hosts.

This is my pick of the week:


Really stoked that this whole “Jews are pointing at China while they are themselves doing every evil thing imaginable to you and can’t name a single thing that China did to you and will instead just start talking about how we have to have a world war with them because they eat dogs” thing I’ve been pushing is catching on.

Second runner-up:

(Man, women are so disgusting.)

This one would have been my editor’s pick, but I think I’ve already posted it like 3 times and probably picked it as #1 all three times.

For anyone new here – yes, those are all real claims by Jews about things that happened during the alleged Holocaust.

It is literally the funniest joke in all of history – not that they told these stories, but that people all over the world actually believe this event happened.

Anyway, enough of the Holo-lecturing.

Here are the rest of your Monday Memes.

(Note: watch for the preworkout powder one. I’m going to start making these myself soon. I have so, so many ideas.)