Memetic Monday: Good Will to Men

Thank God it’s Memetic Monday, because I’ve got nothing going on today.

I don’t get sick, you know – I’m too healthy. But I’ve had ear problems since I took up scuba diving in my twenties, and over the weekend I went for a bath in one of Nigeria’s famous frozen ice lakes and now it feels like someone shot me in the side of my head with a sawed-off shotgun.

I can’t even hardly stay awake.

On the rest of the site today, I’m gonna do the filler – but it’s gonna be real rough filler.

And by “rough” I don’t mean like “Ruff Ryder,” I mean “rough” like Billie Eilish on the day she met Drake.

Thankfully, I already had this collection of memes, so all is not lost.

Here’s my editor’s pick of the week:

Here’s the runner-up:

So good.

Memes are… so good.

Also, I gotta throw some love to this throwback.

It makes me think of we, the Stormers, the Hoax Watchers, up against the Jews, the pedophiles, the hoaxers. It is only we two groups that are truly initiated.

It makes me dream of parachuting PUBG style onto the roof of the Davos InterContinental with a masked five man 中国人民解放军特种部队 strike team and strolling into the conference room on the top floor, and as the Satan-worshiping pedophiles look around nervously, their faces contorting as they try to choke out the words “where is security???”, I calmly remove my ski mask, Crucifix glimmering on my vest, and stare down towards the head of the table, holding my gaze for a solid ten seconds before saying, “we are initiated, aren’t we, Klaus?”

The memes… the memes shall redeem us.

And we shall all be healed.

Peace on earth.

And good will to men.