Memetic Monday: Extra Racism This Time

My favorite meme this week was not racist at all.

Last Monday, I did the unthinkable, and what many thought was undoable: I posted a series of memes without any racism at all.

This week, in order to make up for last week, I’m compiled a series of memes with extra racism.

After all, even if you’re a hardcore anti-racist like me, you have to admit: racism is pretty gosh darn funny.

Actually, this week, it’s only memes I made myself.

No not really. Though I did make those three memes this week, and I’m pretty proud of it, actually.

No but seriously, this is going to be wholesome day.

Just pure wholesome memes.

No but seriously, I’m joking.

It’s mostly racism.

Not really, actually.

It’s mostly anti-vax propaganda.

But seriously.

I have work to do.

I spent the entire morning collecting these memes, and I have to write news articles now.

I pray these bring you joy.