Memetic Monday Brought to You by Pfizer

I was as shocked as you are when John Carpenter burst into my office and said: “Anglin, we’ve got a contract with Pfizer, and I need you to put your best memes on it.”

I said: “John, we can’t cooperate with Pfizer – that’s an evil corporation trying to exterminate humanity!”

“They’re giving us $700,” said John.

I squinted.

And here we are!

Today’s Memetic Monday is brought to you by Pfizer!

They needed help reaching the kids, and they said the best way to do that is memes.

When asked if they were okay with racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denialism, mysogony, and other themes, Pfizer replied, “by any means necessary.”

Unfortunately, their first outing in Meme World did not go so well.

After making the wrong meme, or posting an ironic meme, or whatever that is, they decided to go straight for the experts on memes.

Here are some repairs to their original meme:

Most importantly, we’ve got this, which has shown to make people want to take Pfizer vaccines up to 500x more than the original Pfizer meme.

Pfizer also asked me to pick a meme of the week, which will be known as the “Meme of the Week Brought to You by Pfizer.”

I’m going with this one:

Here’s the Runner-Up Brought to You by Pfizer.

And here’s the Second Runner-Up Brought to You by Pfizer.

What’s more: every meme below is explicitly endorsed by Pfizer. They want you to think about these memes when you’re considering taking their deadly vax.

Look – I’ve got kids and a washed up 1970s film director/techno musician to feed, and this is just how it’s gonna go.