Memetic Monday: Be Thankful for These Dank Maymays

You can’t believe the kind of hate I got for missing the Thanksgiving post.

I am thankful and I believe in thankfulness, and I’m actually just about as happy as I’ve ever been in my life, despite being isolated from my natural family, being broke, living in a shitty room, being hunted, writing the same thing every day and no one listening to me, the GTA remake, masks, morons, another season of Discovery, what happened to The Boss, black people, the decline in quality of cotton products at H&M and for that matter also Zara which themselves declined long after Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, that nigger running over those white people, the media saying that nigger was a car, the media getting called out for saying that nigger was a car and then just continuing to say it, trying not to say “nigger” on my hate website, everything being made out of plastic, the prices of meat, my coffee machine being broken and having to drink instant coffee because every coffee maker I can find is made of plastic, gay shit everywhere, having to shill for China because everyone is a retard and will always fall for “hey, look over there!,” fat people, Hitler lost, modern architecture, joggers, this Netflix Cowboy Bebop, drinking this shitty wine with the kangaroo on it that appears to be literally mislabeled as Merlot, women are whores, people actually believing Anthony Fauci, the Sopranos movie being a BLM propaganda film, vape juice shortages, people not believing the things I say even though I’ve been right about everything even more than Alex Jones, and my various other problems.

I’m thankful because I am washed in the blood of the lamb.

And my blood is still pure, and it will remain so as long as my heart still pumps.

I’m also thankful for these dank memes.

I’ve got some great ones for you today.

This is my pick of the week:

It’s just too good.

Here are some runners up:

But it’s hard to pick anything.

So many of these are so good.

Maybe a little heavy on the Sesame Street.

Here we go.

Strap in.