Bolsonaro Holocausts The Vote: 90,000,000 Whites Getting Nationalist Military Government

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

Polls have closed in Brazil.

Bolsonaro Wins.

Brazil has voted a military government into power, and that’s a good sign for the rest of us.

With around 90 million White people (and mostly white people) of mostly Portuguese, Italian and Spanish descent, Brazil has the nominally third largest European population in the world, after the United States and Russia.

Unfortunately for these people, their country is built into about 120 million nonwhites.

These negros and natives have spent many, many years making a hell for these people, forcing them to live with the typical violence, crime, corruption and impoverished conditions that such slave-peoples create when left to their own devices.

Brazil is frequently cited as an example of what we do not want the West to turn into – a crumbling, chaotic, divided country with a white minority forced to shoulder the burden of a brown parasite majority which grows larger and larger by the year.

Now, there is hope.

If Brazil is our future, we have just been shown how to deal with that future.

It’s actually very simple – you just elect a military government.

That’s right, wignats – you don’t shoot up a synagogue, shoot at the police, and tell me to fuck my optics.

Fuck your bad optics, and fuck your losing strategy. I can understand a lot, but really, fuck your shooting at the police. We don’t need that. If you want to chimp out, go to Palestine, and see how well chimping out at the Jews is working for those guys.

This is how you win:

First, you have to fill your entire cabinet with retired generals – which is what Bolsonaro is doing.

And then, you deploy the military against the hostile criminal population – which is what he said he will do.

You are supposed to dominate the optics, become the police, and then close all the synagogues, and expel all the Jews back to Israel, where they belong.

Then, when they tell you that you can’t, you just gotta be all like:

And then, you’ve won.

Here are some memes to celebrate.

Congratulations, Brazil.