Meme School Monday: Learn to Exploit Chuck Schumer!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

The Jews have exploited us long enough.

It’s time we exploited them.

That’s why I’ve made this exploitable Chuck Schumer image for you all to practice exploiting a Jew.

I saw this thumbnail and I was like “wow, that is too perfect of an image of a Jew angry at the goyim – I must exploit it.”

Here are some examples I came up with.

Got a little bit creativity starved there at the end.

And no, I’m not drunk. This is actually just the way I think all the time.

And you can too!

How to Exploit Chuck Schumer

Have you ever wanted to exploit some exploitable Jew or Negro and not known how?

Well, let me show you the easy way, friend.

First, download a program called GIMP at this link (if you’re using Linux, it’s in the repos).

It’s available for all operating systems, is entirely free, and there is a whole bunch of text and video tutorials for it if you Google around.

In our case, with exploitable Chuck, you’re going to want to click on the “text” tool. It’s the letter “A” there at the left.

Then, insert your exploitive text by clicking on the exploitation bar with the tool.

The tool bar lets you change the text size, and embolden or italicize it.

There you go – after 70 years of being exploited by Jews, you’ve finally turned the tables on them, personally.

If you’re not already making memes, you should be.

It is a wonderful thing to do.

Here on the Daily Stormer, I make a lot of the memes you see. A lot of them are made by other people. The magic of memes is that we all create them. We are the collective consciousness of the white race, coming together to laugh, have fun and work towards exterminating the Jewish race by infecting the collective consciousnesses of our brothers.

We are the memes and the memes are us.

We don’t want personal credit for our memes, because they are not ours personally. I have with my own keyboard and mouse made many a meme, but I am not their origin: the origin is the collective consciousness of the awakened white race, which is being put into psychic overdrive through the electrical tubes of the internet.

I am merely a vessel.

Of course, the personal satisfaction comes when a meme made by my hands is posted elsewhere. And only I am the one who knows I made it. There is a humble sort of pride here – and humble pride is the best pride of all.

Other Memeformation

For the basic two line meme, I have endorsed as the official two-line meme site of the Daily Stormer.


Zeiger has also made an instructional video about making Pepes in GIMP, where you can learn some skills.


Just over a year ago, twas.

Why is There No More Meme Monday?

As you are aware if you’re a long time reader, every Monday we used to have memes. Regrettably, the poster of those memes, Ragnar Talks, was assassinated by the Jew Mossad because his memes were so dank (of course, they made it look like an accident – as if he overdosed on huffing glue).

So remember, as you begin to meme, you also need to get your CCW and start looking over your shoulder everywhere you go – because Jews hunt and kill anyone whose memes get too dank for Jewish comfort.

But hey – if you’ve got memes, post them in the comments section of this article.

I’m also trying to get the guys in our Discord channel – THUNDERDOME – to put together memes for a meme monday collection. But the people inside of the Thunderdome are too busy battling to the death in meme warfare to arrange a collection of memes.