Brilliant Solution to the Religion of Peace’s Driving Habits: Britain to Introduce Van Control!

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2017

Personally, I think whoever invented the wheel should feel ashamed for giving ammo to the far right.

Ah, Britain… The country where police are more concerned about banning pointy knives than they are about White girls getting gang-raped en masse by subhumans has finally found the answer to the terrorist question – van control. It’s really common sense if you think about – when you import hordes of clinically retarded monkey people who hate and want to kill you because their moon god says they have to, restricting access to everything that might potentially be used to kill people is the only way to make diversity work.

And making diversity work is important, because it’s our greatest strength.


Britain’s government is considering more checks on drivers wishing to rent cars and vans following several attacks in which vehicles were used to mow down pedestrians.

Wouldn’t it be more practical to just get rid of the “people” doing the attacks instead? Just saying…

The Department for Transport is working with police and the rental industry to explore tightening regulations following attacks using rented vehicles in Britain, France, Germany and most recently, Spain. The department says in a statement that the terror threat “is changing and so must our response.”

Aye, things change all the time. But some things stay the same, and one of those things is that Moslems are terrorists. Get rid of them, and you get rid of terrorism, it’s that simple.

No terrorists, no terrorism. It’s not rocket science.

Can you really not live without this thing?

Toby Poston of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association said in a statement Sunday that the industry is examining how to share data in a more timely way to enable authorities “to cross-reference rental reservation systems with the counter-terrorism watch list, for example.”

In Britain alone this year, vehicles have been at the center of three attacks.

Yeah, it’s the vehicles that did it, not the ragheads driving them… Keep it up Britain, and soon enough you will overtake Sweden as the most cucked country on the face of the earth.