Meme Magic: Barron Trump Explored the Hollow Earth – in 1893!

Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

He understands realities we can’t even imagine.

What were you doing when you were 10?

Probably playing with Legos or something.

Barron Trump, however, was busy exploring the bowels of the hollow earth – all the way back in 1893 – according to new /pol/ esoteric research.

The doubters will be confounded.

So apparently a writer named Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a series of early science-fiction novels starring a character named Baron Trump. In the second novel of the series, he visits the hollow earth.

Yeah, that hollow earth.

The hollow earth mythos has been associated with the Nazis for quite a While now, with many conspiracy theorists positing that the Germans sent expeditions to “Agharta” in order to find their hyperborean Aryan roots. Others claim that the remaining Nazis fled to Antarctica, where a passage to the hollow earth allowed them to escape the allies..

Seems legit.

The character of Baron Trump is a German aristocrat:

Coming from a long line of hard-willed men:

The parallels are quite interesting. Meme magic is making the past resonate with the present, melding fiction and reality in a bizarre display of synchronicity.

But what really kicks this discovery to the next level is the fact that the same author also wrote a book of political satire called “The Last President.”

The story begins when a mass of antifa commie types start rioting, looting and burning right after the election of a populist right-wing president.

Wew. Some things never change.

It seems that this populist president will be “the last,” after the union is destroyed by some political catastrophe.

We can only hope that Trump will be “the last President” – after the role is abolished in favor of the God-Emperor position.

Also, we definitely need to set up an expedition to the hollow earth. There’s probably lizard people and all sorts of other threats to the American nation down there – national security demands it.

We can get Barron to lead the expedition. He already knows the way, after all.