Member of University of Oklahoma’s Former SAE Chapter Apologizes for His Evil Racist Actions

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2015

Parker Rice (right)
Parker Rice (right)

Parker Rice, one of the two members of the University of Oklahoma’s now-defunct Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter who were expelled for their role in a video that mocked Blacks, has issued an apology for his horrific, intolerant act of racism.


“I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night. It was wrong and reckless. I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same,” Parker Rice said in a statement printed by the newspaper.

I’m not quite sure of the sincerity of this statement. Methinks he’s not sorry for what he did; he’s sorry that this video spread like wildfire and that he looks bad.

Parker, just own up to the fact that you’re a racist. Be proud of your racism. You have nothing to lose; everybody will now perceive you as a racist no matter how vehemently you deny it. Might as well be open about it.

“At this point, all I can do is be thoughtful and prayerful about my next steps, but I am also concerned about the fraternity friends still on campus. Apparently, they are feeling unsafe and some have been harassed by others. Hopefully, the university will protect them,” Rice reportedly said in his apology.

I hope the university protects them, too, but that’s wishful thinking at this point. They have shown no signs of mercy thus far. Uttering racist remarks is an unforgivable sin of the modern religion of political correctness.

“For me, this is a devastating lesson and I am seeking guidance on how I can learn from this and make sure it never happens again. My goal for the long-term is to be a man who has the heart and the courage to reject racism wherever I see or experience it in the future,” his apology read.

I’m not quite sure of the sincerity of this statement, either. Again, Parker, everybody will associate you with racism now. You shouldn’t have attempted to apologize in the first place. You might as well channel your racism into something beyond a chant amongst your frat brothers, like an active participation in our Cause, for example.