Melania Doesn’t Really Care. Neither Does Anyone.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2018

Empress Melania wore a coat yesterday that read “I don’t really care. Do u?”

And guess where she was going while wearing the jacket.

Don’t read below yet.

Guess first.


First Lady Melania Trump has been criticised for the choice of her coat worn on a trip to a migrant child detention centre in Texas.

Mrs Trump was spotted in the coat, which featured graffiti writing on the back with the words “I really don’t care do u?”, as she boarded a plane.

Her spokeswoman said “there was no hidden message” in the former fashion model’s sartorial choice.

The $39 (£29) jacket from Zara has caused an uproar on social media.

US President Donald Trump later tweeted that his wife’s coat “refers to the Fake News Media”.

I am personally very sensitive about The Empress.

She is by far my favorite Trump. Possibly my favorite person on earth.

I am protective of her, and am not going to suggest that she was making the statement that everyone is assuming she was making by wearing this jacket to visit a child migrant center.

I have my own thoughts on it, but I only want to let her make whatever statement she is making without me injecting anything there.

Trump gave a tweet explaining his take on it.

But I think the Empress is leaving it open to interpretation.

I also want to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to Zara Super Slim Fit t-shirts.

They are a little bit more expensive than H&M, but they are higher quality. I buy 7 of them about every 18 months, and they are the only thing I wear anymore, unless I’ve got an event where I need a collar.


Blank t-shirts are the only adult thing to do. If you are over 22 and wearing t-shirts with writing on them, you need to reevaluate your life. I know some guys in the Alt-Right are doing the merch thing, but you should think of those more as collector’s items or for special events than something you should wear in real day-today life.

You are not a billboard and it is degrading to use your body as an advertisement space.

And also, bro – you don’t want the baggy look. Seriously, there is nothing that looks shittier than a baggy t-shirt. Sleeves down to the elbows… it just isn’t right.

This is how a t-shirt should fit (on multiple body types):

If you’re going to do v-neck – that that is your call – don’t let chest hair stick out of it. You don’t have to shave it, but at least trim it.

Also, for the jeans – buy fitted jeans, kids:

And no, those are not “skinny jeans.”

These are skinny jeans:

Obviously, skinny jeans are gay, but that is a completely different thing than fitted jeans.

There is a monumental difference between “fitted” and “skinny” jeans.

However, the boomer-tier Americans call anything that isn’t nigger-like “boot cut” jeans “skinny jeans.”

This, my friends, is horrible:

There is nothing worse than the baggy nigger bootcut.

I’m sorry.

That is just the fact of life.


If you like baggy band name t-shirts and 2 inch chest hairs poking out, baggy ass nigger bellbottoms jeans, and think anything else is gay – then okay. Go with that. I’m not your dad. But there are a lot of young readers here who have been betrayed by boomer fashion, and I’m just giving a couple of pointers which will help them look attractive, professional and adult in a casual setting.

If you want to know more about fashion, go to /fa/.

You can post (no dox plz) selfies there, and ask them what they think of your style. They will tell you. They have been A/B testing this stuff for years, and they know what is good and what is not. There are simple, cheap ways to dress where you do not look like a slob or a weirdo who has no idea what is going on, and this will help you with your relationships and your life in general.

After you begin to understand the basics, you can move into “business casual,” which is the name of the game these days. If you so choose. Though for your lifestyle, it may not be necessary to progress beyond the basics.

But seriously. For yourself, for your male identity, you should not look like shit. Fashion has always been a masculine pursuit. It is a new, weird idea that it is manly to simply not give a shit about your appearance.

Of course, everything that I’m telling you here is assuming you are not fat. If you are fat, then you have only one option as far as clothing, and that is track suits.

Please: if you are fat, do not attempt to follow the above recommendations. Just wear track suits, all the time. At least until you get fit, which you should be doing anyway.