Mel Gibson is Being Ritually Humiliated by B-Movie Jews

Mel Gibson was a good Catholic boy from Australia. He was once one of the most in-demand actors of all time, due to his good looks and powerful screen presence. Then he became one of the most in-demand directors of all time, due to his incredible ability to transfer an epic vision to film.

For Braveheart, he won the Academy Award for Best Director and for Best Picture. He went on to make several more critically acclaimed films.

Then, he said some stuff about the Jews.

Specifically, during a 2006 DUI incident, he went on a drunken rant, saying, “Fucking Jews… the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?” to the arresting officer. That was leaked, and the media pounced.

Because of the overwhelming power that the Jews have over Hollywood, these statements resulted in a total collapse of Gibson’s career. He had been married to the same woman throughout his entire career, having 7 kids with her, and she left him because of his troubles (as women are wont to do).

Several years later, he was dealing with a slut girlfriend, and more unfortunate statements were published. To wit: “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault.”

For some reason that I don’t really understand, Gibson was allowed to direct the film Hacksaw Ridge in 2016, a war movie that was met with universal acclaim and was nominated for several Academy Awards. It seemed then as though he was going to be allowed back into Hollywood to make films normally, but he was not.

As things stand now, Gibson has no real career to speak of.

The logical thing after all of this, probably, would have been to retire outright, and perhaps become involved in some manner of activism against these Jews. Instead, he’s chosen to star in a series of horrible B-movies, universally produced by Jews.

Frankly, looking at this situation, and the horrible nature of these films, it appears to be that the Jews are ritually humiliating Gibson as punishment for his sins.

For example: earlier this year, he starred in a stupid and goofy action film entitled “Force of Nature,” wherein he plays a retired police officer who stops a heist during a hurricane in Puerto Rico. It’s basically an exploitation film.

The total box office of this film was just over $600,000, which is less than 5% of the box office of Apocalypto, the last film he made before ranting about the Jews.

Also this year, he starred in another ultra-violent dumb film, Boss Level, as the bad guy.

The latest, which was just released on streaming services, is called “Fatman,” and in it, Gibson plays – *checks notes* – Gibson plays a drunken Santa Claus who is fighting against an assassin sent by a kid that he gave a lump of coal to.

In it, the notoriously racist figure Gibson has a black wife, who he kisses in the trailer.

The film appears to be written and directed by Jews, though I can’t confirm that. What I can confirm is that it is produced and distributed by the infamous Jewish company Saban Entertainment, owned by the Israeli Jew Haim Saban.

If I was attempting to humiliate someone to the highest degree possible, what I would do is have them star in this film, Fatman. So it seems unlikely that it is a coincidence that these Jews, who hate Mel Gibson for daring to state the truth about them and their wars, put Gibson in this horrible film.

I don’t understand what Gibson is doing. He surely has enough money, and he surely isn’t making much money from these films. He’s got a young wife, who seems nice.

If he wants to continue working for the sake of working (as is normal for men), then he should produce his own films. There is no justification for a man who reached the levels of success that Gibson reached to become a poor man’s Charles Bronson, doing the dirty work of these dirty Jews.

I am hereby officially advising Mel Gibson to cease making these idiotic, shameful and stupid Jewish violence movies. There is more to life than making movies, assuming he has no other way to make movies, which I don’t actually believe. Furthermore, the Jews are not going to forgive him because he humiliated himself in this way. Even if they’ve told him they will let him back in the biz after he does his penance, that is an untrue statement.