Megyn [sic] Kelly is Trying to Get Back in the Good Graces of Conservatives After Failing to be Liberal

This is funny.

Remember Megyn [sic] Kelly?

She was a Fox News host. In 2016, she went nuts on Donald Trump. For some reason.

It was a “feud.” Here are some highlights.

What a nice stroll down memory lane, in this dark hour.

She apparently was trying to become a hero to the left, which she apparently believed would forward her career. Even though she already had a pretty good spot at Fox. I guess that wasn’t enough for her. (Or maybe she just really hated Trump that much?)

After that, conservatives hated Kelly. And that was before Paul Ryan and many Jews took over Fox News.

So Kelly had to leave Fox News. Before she left, of course, she #metoo’d Roger Ailes, saying she got an uncomfortable hug from him. The management forced him out, and he died shortly thereafter. This led the way for Fox to go down the tubes, which culminated in a brutal attack on Donald Trump in the lead up to the 2020 election. They are now complicit in the fraud.

It was a very weird series of strange events.

Because she was no longer welcome on Fox, Kelly made a high-profile move to NBC. She was given a prime time show there.

It was a total disaster.

The only thing anyone remembers is her interview with Alex Jones, where she deceptively edited the whole thing.

Jones released his own cut of the interview, which he’d secretly filmed. That’s no longer available, of course, because Jones is banned from everything.

Apparently, when a conservative flips to liberalism, they don’t get a lot of credit for doing so.

Furthermore, Kelly was hitting the age at which the majority of female news hosts have to resign. Female news hosts are a joke concept, because none of them ever had an original idea. They are just there for the sex appeal. No one wants to watch a bleach blonde granny.

She also made some mild comments about blackface, to wit, “But what is racist? Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

Then she cried in her apology.

So, her show on NBC was canceled not long after launch.

The bitch has now reappeared, attempting to suck up to conservatives.

She’s actually going further right than Fox. She’s retweeting some of the “intellectual dark web” people.

The most notable thing about the tweets, however, is that she tweets like she dresses: like a 14-year-old slut.

But, it’s interesting to see her maneuvering, attempting to get a position anywhere after giving up the lucrative Fox News gig because she thought she could become a leftist hero by attacking Trump.

Here are some of her recent tweets and retweets:

She’s even going racist, insulting the intelligence of black people.

(Five hundred and thirty-eight is the total number of electoral college votes, and you’re supposed to humor black people when they say really retarded bullshit like that – to not humor them is the epitome of skin-hatred.)

This one was especially hardcore and anti-Semitic:

The Lincoln Project is a group of so-called “Jewish Republicans” that are attempting to remove Trump and bring back George W. Bush-style Jewish neoconservatism.

Here’s the now-deleted tweet that was quoted, where they were doxing lawyers and soliciting people to harass them:

So, will Megyn [sic] get a job at some conservative outlet?

I reckon it’s more of a question of which one.

She is begging for any job with this rampage she’s on, and she’s infamous, so someone will hire her. The publicity that any outlet would get simply for signing her on is worth the cost of the contract.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the most likely person to hire her is Glenn Beck, over at his “The Blaze.”

I would say it would be Ben Shapiro, but he doesn’t really do the kind of video that she is used to doing.

Other options include Newsmax and OAN.

The funniest thing would be Alex Jones hiring her for Infowars. I’m relatively sure he would want to hire her, just because it would be hilarious, but although she’ll settle for low money, I don’t think Alex can really offer her much of anything, what with his lawsuits and the bannings.

She’s also obviously angling for a Joe Rogan interview. I think he should do it. I would watch it.