Meghan Markle Wants a Future Where Everyone is Mixed Race Because Mongrels are “More Beautiful”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

Meghan Markle when she was 5.

If the Royal Ape is so proud of her mixed-race background, she should embrace her natural hair.

Why does she try to make her hair and overall appearance look more white?

Why is she trying to hide the looks that her mother gave her?

Her desire for a mixed-race world, combined with her self-hating behavior, should raise at least a couple of eyebrows.

Daily Mail:

The Duchess of Sussex is seen discussing her racial heritage and hopes for a friendlier world in a candid campaign video dating back to February 2012.

The resurfaced video, filmed as part of the ‘I Won’t Stand For…’ campaign for US charity Erase The Hate, saw stars including Meghan Markle and her former Suits co-star Patrick J Adams calling for an end to prejudice.

The former actress, 38, whose father Thomas Markle is caucasian and mother Doria Ragland is African American, had not met Prince Harry yet, and spoke about her experiences witnessing racial slurs and seeing her mother being called the n-word.

Meghan, who now shares seven-month-old Archie with husband Prince Harry, 35, spoke at the time about her hopes for a more accepting world by the time her children were born.

Dressed in a white t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘I won’t stand for racism’, she said: ‘I am really proud of my heritage on both sides, I’m really proud of where I’ve come from and where I’m coming.

But I hope by the time I have children that people are even more open-minded to how things are changing and that having a mixed world is what it’s all about.

Certainly it makes it a lot more beautiful and a lot more interesting.’

Mixed-race mongrels like her make the world a lot more beautiful because they are just so much more beautiful than white people.

Just look at Her Apeness here:

Now compare her to this random white girl:

As you can see, throwing some ape genes in there would certainly improve the white girl’s look.

It certainly helped Meghan’s.

Speaking about her own experiences, she admitted the campaign felt very personal to her.

Recalling her own experiences, she said: ‘For me I think it hits a really personal note. I’m biracial, most people can’t tell what I’m mixed with and so much of my life has felt like being a fly on the wall.

If she stopped hiding her nigger hair, people would have an easier time figuring out what she’s mixed with.

‘And so some of the slurs I’ve heard, the really offensive jokes or the names, it has just hit me in a really strong way.

A couple of years ago I heard someone call my mum the ‘n word’.

‘So I think for me beyond being personally affected by racism, to see the landscape of what our country is like right now and certainly the world and to want things to be better.’

Revealing that many people don’t realise her background, she said: ‘Certain people don’t look at me and see me as a black woman or a biracial woman.

They treat me differently I think than they would if they knew what I was mixed with.’

She added: ‘That can be a struggle as much as it can be a good thing depending on the people you are dealing with.’

Meghan then revealed that when her grandfather moved the famiy from Cleveland to LA, they had to use the back door whenever they stopped for food.

She said:  ‘I thought that was really isolated to those days that have passed and sadly they are not.’

Whoa, and now she’s married into the royal family and stuff.

If that doesn’t prove that Love Trumps Hate, then what does?