Meet Your New Sex Symbol, Goyim Dogs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2019

This is Mindy Kaling, and she is a fat pajeet female.

She is actually starring in a Hollywood movie.

It’s called “Late Night.” It has an old white woman in it. The fat Paki bitch is the young star, who is replacing the old white one as part of the movie’s theme.

Seriously, here’s the trailer.

This is the theme of your life, goyim.

You are white and you are the old thing, to be replaced by the new thing.

If you don’t go see this movie and talk about how beautiful she is, you’re basically no better than Hitler.

I remember the days when romantic comedies starred Jennifer Aniston.

But those days are long passed.

This is the new America now, and our entertainment media must reflect this newness.

For the goyim… the goyim must be made to learn.