Meet Britain’s First Gender Fluid Family

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2017

As Britain continues to groan under the weight of Paki rape gangs, “part and parcel” terrorist attacks, mass CCTV surveillance, serious demographic issues and a native population that remains apathetic to it all, a hard-hitting question inevitably forms in the minds of all thinking men: Should the UK be nuked from orbit and then rebuilt from scratch?

Before everyone reading this responds with “well yeah, obviously lol,” let me remind you that some good things come out of ol’ Blighty from time to time.

Like 80 percent of the best progressive rock bands, for instance.

Also, gender fluid families.

Daily Mail:

A couple are raising Britain’s first gender-fluid family, bringing up their four-year-old son as a ‘person’ and not a ‘boy’.

Nikki and Louise Draven from Middlesborough do not believe in imposing a gender on Star Cloud, especially as neither of his parents gets ‘hung up’ on the gender they were born with.

Louise, was born a man but is transitioning to be a woman while Nikki was born a woman but identifies as both male and female and dresses as a man on some days and wears high heels, lipstick and padded bras on others.

Star views Louise as her mother, although she is her biological father, while Nikki – who Star calls Daddy – is his birth mother.

The Dravens, who married in a pagan ceremony in 2012, are believed to be Britain’s first entirely gender fluid family.

‘Neither of us gets hung up on the gender we were born as,’ Louise, 30, said. ‘We don’t want our child constrained by that either. We’re just an ordinary family being who we want to be.’

Star likes to wear make-up, paint his nails and plays with dolls and wears both girls’ and boys’ clothes.

When he starts school in September, he will wear a boys’ uniform but has picked out a pink vest and socks.

And the youngster himself says he might grow up to be a man or a woman.

Perfectly ordinary, goyim!

Imagine traveling back to 1980s Britain and showing this report to the average man.

How do you think he would respond?

He would almost certainly laugh and assume it was satirical. Then, when you emphasize that it isn’t with the deadpan firmness that only a man who’s seen Europe’s future can muster, he’d probably reply with “bugger off m8!” and walk away, smirking at the obvious joke.

But of course, it’s not a joke.

This is what life looks like under the Jews and their blackmailed pedophile servants.

White people were promised hover cars, self-cleaning houses and Lebensraum on Mars.

Instead, we got skanks, mongrels and “gender fluid” families that name their sons “Star Cloud.”

Star Cloud.

How much Super Mario 64 did these people play as children?

Anyway, it’s futile blaming these Lovecraftian butter golems. Attacking women (or men that have enough estrogen coursing through their bodies to think like women) for acting stupid is like attacking autists for not understanding the concept of trolling the media – it’s just their nature.

Once White men reclaim their natural positions as masters of the globe – and we will – most of these degenerates will fall into line naturally.