Medical Organization That Promotes Breastfeeding Bans Word “Mother,” Demands “Gender-Neutral” Terms for Everything

Isn’t this stunning and brave?

I was not shocked at all when I saw who runs this thing.

Campus Reform:

Terms such as “mother,” “breast,” “breast milk,” and “breastfeeding” are no longer acceptable.

Last week, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine announced that it is replacing these terms with “lactation-related language” to achieve “desexed or gender-inclusive language.”

Though it contains “breastfeeding” in its name, the ABM will now use “mammary gland” to refer to “breast” and “human milk feeding” instead of “breastfeeding.”

Laura Kair, medical director of newborn care at University of California Davis Children’s Hospital, was the only professor to serve on the taskforce that produced the statement.

Kair and the rest of the ABM taskforce included three suggestions to make future medical research more gender inclusive. These suggestions include “broader gender categories,” to “not assume that lactation follows a birth”, and “include information on history of hormone therapy and surgeries for transgender participants.”

Laura Kair

Per the UC Davis website, Kair stated, “Language has power. The language that we use should be as inclusive as possible when discussing infant feeding.”

Before, they had implied that “chestfeeding” was a joke, then admitted that it wasn’t a joke, but that no one was going to enforce it, and it was just meant to be polite.

This is always how they get you: they make things acceptable by making you feel guilt, telling you that you’re just being mean if you don’t accept someone different, and claim they’re not imposing on you.

All of a sudden, they start imposing on you, but by then it is too late.