Media: Vaxxed People Can be Infected with and Transmit “Covid Variant”

People are so retarded.

Many morons really thought a vaccine would mean this hoax would end.

The Telegraph:

Fully vaccinated people infected with Covid variants may be likely to pass the virus on, researchers have said.

No vaccine is 100 per cent effective, and while the number of people who contract Covid after vaccination – known as post-vaccine breakthrough cases – is tiny, a growing number of studies show that these cases are more likely to be infected with variants that have emerged in recent months.

Researchers at the University of Washington in the United States sequenced samples from 20 health workers who went on to contract Covid after receiving both doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

The study showed that all 20 were infected with variants of concern that have been driving second waves of Covid in many parts of the world – eight had the UK variant, one the South African variant, 10 had one of the two California variants and one had the Brazilian variant.

The researchers then compared the samples collected from this group with samples collected from 5,174 non-vaccinated individuals who had Covid.

These “variants” of the faked disease are going to be the excuse for another lockdown in the fall. There is zero chance that this will not happen.

Australia is already in a new lockdown, despite being heavily vaxxed, because of a supposed variant.

Anyone who thought that the vaccine – a fake solution for a fake problem – would end this hoax is going to be disappointed.