Media Trumps Up Global Warming Hoax, Says Apocalypse has Already Begun

The media is now just utterly out of control.

They are simply making things up, outright, without any consideration at all for what people might say – because all of the people that might say something are now completely silenced.

The New York Times has an unhinged 2,000-word piece up entitled “Overlapping Disasters Expose Harsh Climate Reality: The U.S. Is Not Ready.”

They’re claiming that there is a literal apocalypse not on the way but already here!

Because of global warming!

In Louisiana and Mississippi, nearly one million people lack electricity and drinking water after a hurricane obliterated power lines. In California, wildfire menaces Lake Tahoe, forcing tens of thousands to flee. In Tennessee, flash floods killed at least 20; hundreds more perished in a heat wave in the Northwest. And in New York City, 7 inches of rain fell in just hours Wednesday, drowning people in their basements.

Disasters cascading across the country this summer have exposed a harsh reality: The United States is not ready for the extreme weather that is now becoming frequent as a result of a warming planet.

“These events tell us we’re not prepared,” said Alice Hill, who oversaw planning for climate risks on the National Security Council during the Obama administration. “We have built our cities, our communities, to a climate that no longer exists.”

In remarks Thursday, President Biden acknowledged the challenge ahead.

“And to the country, the past few days of Hurricane Ida and the wildfires in the West and the unprecedented flash floods in New York and New Jersey is yet another reminder that these extreme storms and the climate crisis are here,” said Mr. Biden, who noted that a $1 trillion infrastructure bill pending in Congress includes some money to gird communities against disasters. “We need to do — be better prepared. We need to act.”

Built our cities for a climate that no longer exists.

Because of wildfires and hurricanes.

Here is a list of the historical hurricanes in Louisiana:

Where is the change that happened that made it so our cities can’t tolerate the climate?

As far as the wildfires – it is known that the reason there are more wildfires now than in the 1970s is a policy of refusing to do maintenance on the forests. They will not clean up the debris, which just becomes kindling when you let it sit, and they will not use logging or controlled fires to groom the forests to prevent an overabundance of small trees and a lack of bigger trees.

Basically, forest fires are a 100% natural phenomenon that helps plants by reseting areas and providing those areas that are reset with very rich soil from the burned trees. But when you’re in a civilization, you do need to prevent these fires. California does not do the normal things to prevent these fires.

The total number of fires peaked in the 1970s, but the policies of mismanagement have led to more acres burning.

It’s all ostensibly an “environmentalist” philosophy that is driving the changes in forest management policy, but it doesn’t actually make any sense in terms of environmentalism.

Here’s a 2019 article explaining California’s forest policy.

You also have the unfortunate fact that leftists are constantly caught starting these fires on purpose. But they shouldn’t be so easy to start, and they should not spread out of control like they do. That is totally a result of the refusal to manage the forest following basic policies that were instilled when natural parks were first declared by Theodore Roosevelt.

So, both supposedly apocalyptic disasters are actually just blatant hoaxes, designed to pump up the government mass spending agenda and restrictions on normal people.

They were saying the apocalypse from global warming was 12 years off, now they are just going ahead and telling people it’s already here or else we wouldn’t have the same natural disasters we’ve had since the beginning of time. Please note that this is very similar to the coronavirus hoax, in that they took diseases that already existed and declared they were actually a new disease.

Any of these hoaxes we suffer under are trivially disproved in a matter of seconds with very basic facts.

But the government/media cannot be challenged, so they can just say whatever they want and no one can really know any different.

It’s amazing.

We should have opposed this censorship, actually.