Media Silent on French Protests Even Whilst We Hear Nonstop About Hong Kong Democracy Riots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2019

In case you were wondering, yes, the French are still protesting. And yes, the police are still tear-gassing them.

It is only the Russian media that is reporting it in English.


French police in Nantes have fired tear gas at protesters taking part in continuing demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reforms.

Unions have refused to back down in their opposition to the reforms, which were unveiled by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe last week. The crippling protests and workers’ strikes have brought transport chaos to French cities since they kicked off on December 5.

Footage from Nantes, shared on social media, shows tear gas and water cannons being deployed against protesters, while some protesters managed to kick the gas canisters back towards riot cops.

On Monday, the French official overseeing the pension reform project resigned amid the ongoing disruption and in the wake of media reports that he had failed to disclose outside earnings while serving in Macron’s cabinet.

It’s really hard to look at these protests in France and not compare and contrast them with the protests in Hong Kong.

The comparison is that large numbers of people are rioting and being tear gassed. The protests look very similar.

The first major contrast would be the fact that the French have actual demands that could be negotiated, but the government simply refuses to engage them, whereas the Hong Kong protesters do not have any clear demands, and are simply planning to kill cops in a vague plan to overthrow the government.

Further, the French are pointing to actual, visible corruption and graft in the government, which the Hong Kong rioters have not done.

The second major contrast is that the entire global media is silent on the French protests, while the Hong Kong protests, we are told, are the most important thing on earth, and something that Americans and others should be extremely concerned about.

Another difference is that Hong Kong protesters are attacking civilians who disagree with their revolutionary agenda, and in some cases, burning older, nationalistic Hong Kong citizens alive. This is designed to create fear among the public so as to prevent counter demonstrations.

The French are only protesting against the government. And there is no one in the country that would ever protest in support of the French government, while most in Hong Kong support the government.

The US government is heavily involved in the riots in Hong Kong, with Donald Trump going so far as to sign a declaration in support of terrorism in Hong Kong. The US government has said nothing about the riots in France, and has tacitly endorsed them by repeatedly meeting on friendly terms with French officials without bringing up the issue.

It really makes you think.