Media Scaring People Into Believing That Using Cash Will Help Spread the Coronavirus

The liars in the media are doing their best to scare people out of using cash.

The idea of a cashless society where all transactions are tracked and traced is one that has been advanced by the establishment for awhile. It is really nothing new. Unfortunately, this agenda has been pushed into overdrive with the ongoing pandemic hoax. The media is literally trying to make people believe that using cash will help spread the coronavirus.

Like the coronavirus itself, it is nothing more than wild fear mongering.

Take for example this Los Angeles Times headline which shows a picture of an Asian woman disinfecting paper bills.

The Los Angeles Times isn’t the only media outlet doing things like this.

The Associated Press ran a piece focusing heavily on people’s fears of using cash, even though they admit in their own article that the risk of spreading the virus by using cash is minimal.


In troubled times, people have been known to hoard currency at home — a financial security blanket against deep uncertainty. But in this crisis, things are different. This time cash itself, passed from hand to hand across neighborhoods, cities and societies just like the coronavirus, is a source of suspicion rather than reassurance.

No longer a thing to be shoved mindlessly into a pocket, tucked into a worn wallet or thrown casually on a kitchen counter, money’s status has changed during the virus era — perhaps irrevocably. The pandemic has also reawakened debate about the continued viability of what has been the physical lifeblood of global economies: paper money and coins.

From the supermarkets of the United States and Japan to the shantytowns of Africa to the gas stations of Tehran, a growing number of businesses and individuals worldwide have stopped using banknotes in fear that physical currency, handled by tens of thousands of people over their useful life, could be a vector for the spreading coronavirus.

Public officials and health experts have said that the risk of transferring the virus from person to person through the use of money is minimal. That hasn’t stopped businesses from refusing to accept currency, and some countries from urging citizens to stop using banknotes altogether.

They obviously want people to stop using cash because cash transactions can’t be recorded in a computer database. So if you convince enough people that you could catch a virus and die by using cash, it means that more people will voluntarily stop using cash.

Specifically, it appears as if the establishment wants to implement a new digital currency, implant a microchip in everybody and make it impossible for people to participate in the mainstream economy without said microchip. We can probably assume that this entire system would work through 5G wireless connectivity or some other type of future network technology that has yet to be rolled out.

This anti-cash propaganda we are seeing advanced is designed to make people more comfortable with participating in this satanic economic beast system they have planned for us. We can probably assume that such a system will be presented as the solution once the existing monetary system implodes. And considering what’s happening economically, there is a higher percentage than zero that this system will collapse sooner rather than later.