Media Says Russia is Worried About Biden Winning Because Biden Will Start Wars with Them

It’s hard to imagine that “I will increase conflict with Russia” is a platform that an American politician would run on. But that’s where we’re at.


In Moscow, analysts for the Kremlin and its Security Council are working overtime to war-game scenarios for a Joe Biden presidency.

Increasingly alarmed at the prospect of a White House without Donald Trump, Russia is trying to determine what that’ll mean for sensitive issues from nuclear arms to relations with China, energy exports, sanctions and far-flung global conflicts, according to people familiar with the efforts. Though few see much prospect for improved ties if Trump is re-elected, Biden would likely be bad news for Russia, people close to the leadership said.

A Democratic victory may even give the Kremlin another reason to tear up its own electoral calendar, moving up parliamentary elections to the spring to get them out of the way before a new administration has time to impose additional sanctions or other penalties, according to a person close to the Kremlin, who spoke on condition of anonymity to express that opinion.

With so much at stake, Russia’s already meddling in the campaign, according to U.S. officials. But the situation is different from 2016, when Trump’s victory surprised even his backers in Moscow.

U.S. politics have become so polarized that there’s little need for Russia to step in and invent new controversies, according to a senior British intelligence official. Russia is nonetheless conducting a “very active” campaign to denigrate Biden and sow divisions in the U.S. political scene, FBI Director Christopher Wray said last week.

The Russian leadership hasn’t written off Trump yet, according to Gleb Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin adviser. “It’s not clear what kind of help they could offer Trump, but they’d give it to him as long as it didn’t provoke a big scandal,” he said. “They don’t want to trigger a boomerang effect.”

Most people either support the Russian meddling hoax and say it is pure evil, or they say it didn’t happen and the whole thing was just a fabrication of the media and the Democrats. Obviously, here at the Daily Stormer we take the latter position, and continually point out that after four years, we still have not been offered a single piece of evidence that the Russian government ever did anything to meddle in American elections.

Because the proponents of the theory feel no obligation to explain themselves, and the opponents of the theory deny that it is valid at all, the question is rarely asked: why would Russia want to elect Donald Trump?

Well, with this claim that they are worried about Biden, we see why they would prefer Trump, and it is exactly what Vladimir Putin said when asked if he supports Trump: Trump is more likely to leave Russia alone, while Democrats are obsessed with provoking conflict.

This then leads to the obvious question: why do the Democrats want to provoke conflict with Russia? What is the point of it? What is the end game?

No one seems to have an answer to that. It is simply taken for granted that Russia is evil, so hassling them in any way possible is good in and of itself. Nobody is asking what for, because now the reason they are evil is that they’re pro-Trump. But the reason they are pro-Trump is that the Democrats want to hassle them.


I dunno, man.

This is just all so dumb.