Media Says American Goyim Now More Comfortable Injecting Themselves with Gene-Altering Mystery Juice

The Jewish media is pushing very hard the idea that every last goyim needs to be injected with a vaccine that alters their genetics.

This is the first ever mRNA vaccine, which allegedly delivers a message to your messenger RNA to tell your DNA to tell your cells to start producing a kind of protein that the designers say will help you develop immunities to the coronavirus. This is by definition “experimental,” but they have made it clear that under no circumstances will you be allowed to ask questions about the vaccine.

Understand: there is no reality in which, for anyone under the age of 65, this vaccine does not present more risks than the virus itself. They have effectively admitted that themselves, through their statistics and medical papers, if not on the media.

These Jews have been angered by the fact that so many goyim are saying that they do not want the vaccine. They’ve now released a report claiming that actually, more goyim than ever are now comfortable with this.

Gallup has just released a poll, which is being widely cited by the media, that shows the number of people that wouldn’t agree to the vaccine shooting up, after having been dropping for months.

It doesn’t make much sense at first glance that the approval rating would drop like that for all of those months and then shoot up.

However, when you consider that the lockdown had been waning all summer, and has just now kicked back into gear, it starts to make a bit more sense.

For those who understand the situation, it is obviously a ridiculous suggestion that the government will lift these restrictions once they have injected everyone with a vaccine. What they are going to do is simply say “oh, the virus has mutated, we have to go back to the restrictions.”

However, the average goyim is looking at the situation, and seeing that the media is promising them that the lockdown will end if they submit to being injected, and they are thus begrudgingly accepting it. It’s a kind of surrender to the media barrage.

The vaccine will not be made mandatory immediately. However, they will make it virtually impossible for you to live your life if you don’t have it. Stores, including grocery stores, will start requiring you to show proof that you’ve been vaccinated before you can enter. Most jobs will fire you if you haven’t received the injection.

I think there is zero chance that this injection won’t harm you. The virus hoax itself has all been about harming you. They took away all of your freedoms, they engaged in a massive wealth transfer of your money to the ruling billionaire class – so why would the vaccine do anything other than hurt you, like everything else they’ve done to you?

If I were you, I would start figuring out a solution to this that doesn’t involve getting the injection. Frankly, if you live outside of a major city, you’re not going to have to deal with stores telling you you can’t enter without the vaccine. Those kinds of rules aren’t being enforced in smaller towns, despite mandates.

You also might want to look into paying an unethical Indian doctor to say you took the vaccine. You may indeed be able to go into one of these clinics, pull out $1,000 (or even $500) and say “please just squirt it out into the sink.” I’m sure that this will be something that a lot of people do, given that rich people are generally more intelligent than people who aren’t rich, and so rich people will be looking for ways around getting this injection, because they will be more likely to be aware of the risks involved.

Whatever you do: don’t get the injection.

It’s not worth it.