Media Rushes Greta Thunberg Out of Spotlight as Face Turns Skeletal at Super Vegan Speed

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I’m extremely honoured to receive the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity! We’re in a climate emergency, and my foundation will as quickly as possible donate all the prize money of 1 million Euros to support organizations and projects that are fighting for a sustainable world, defending nature and supporting people already facing the worst impacts of the climate- and ecological crisis — particularly those living in the Global South.
 Starting with giving €100.000 to the SOS Amazonia Campaign led by @FridaysForFutureBrasil to tackle COVID-19 in the Amazon, and €100.000 to the Stop Ecocide Foundation (@ecocidelaw ) to support their work to make ecocide an international crime. @fcgulbenkian #facetheclimateemergency

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Greta Thunberg, who campaigned against fossil fuels, just received a million euros in funding from an oil tycoon’s foundation, but the real Greta news of the week is that her face is losing collagen at an incredible speed.

She’s only 17 years old, and her eyes are sunken, the skin on her cheeks is thin to the point that you can see her tendons and muscles moving as she speaks, her lips are dry, and her hair is thinning. You can also quite literally see her mandible moving as she talks.

Back when she first entered the spotlight, as a young mentally ill retarded girl who stopped attending school so she could try to stop people from driving cars, she looked healthier.

Now she looks like something out of Dungeons & Dragons, and the media avoids mentioning her.

Veganism does that to people.

Why is she allowed to do this to herself? Why aren’t her parents doing something to stop her transformation?

We know what happens when people eat a vegan diet long enough.

We should remember that the same people who successfully foisted the coronavirus hoax on the world want people to stop eating animal foods and live on soy and wheat grass juice.

They say that it is good for the planet and good for people’s health. If they ordered everyone to eat a vegan diet “because of coronavirus,” just like they ordered everyone to wear masks because of coronavirus, how many people would oppose?

How many would actually resist?

It doesn’t have to make sense. Everyone wearing masks doesn’t even make sense in the context of what these “experts” say, but people are being forced to do it — some even inside of their own homes!

According to the WHO, healthy people don’t have to wear masks.

Mandatory veganism is closer than ever, and perhaps that’s why the media has stopped promoting poor Greta. They don’t want people realizing the effects of such an irrational and unnatural diet.