Media Refuses to Say What Kind of Sandwich the Black was Wielding When He was Killed by a Racist Cop

The scum of reddit doesn’t know what the word “homicide” means. They think it means “murder.”

Thus, when a coroner announces that a good boy who was shot by a cop died from “homicide,” the media now reports it as a top story.

No one thinks that if someone shoots you and you die that this is not a homicide. This is a huge word game being played against slow morons, who will say: “BREAKING NEWS: MAN WHO WAS SHOT TO DEATH BY POLICE DETERMINED TO HAVE DIED FROM HOMICIDE.”

The ruling of “homicide” in these situations is just a technicality, and it didn’t used to even be news at all. Now, it is being widely used to imply guilt.

These news stories will usually say, “that doesn’t mean it was murder,” but they don’t really break down that explanation by saying “literally, the only thing that this means is that the bullets caused him to die.”

NBC News:

The death of Casey Goodson — fatally shot on his grandmother’s doorstep by an Ohio sheriff’s deputy — was a homicide, a report released on Wednesday found.

Goodson, a 23 year-old Black man, died of “multiple gunshot wounds to the torso,” according to a preliminary autopsy conducted by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office.

A final report is expected to be released in three to four months pending medical records and the toxicology report, the coroner’s office said. While the report labeled the death a homicide, it did not say Goodson was murdered.

Sean Walton, a lawyer representing the family, told NBC News on Monday that Goodson was entering the home in Columbus on Dec. 4 when he was killed in front of his grandmother and two toddlers.

A deputy, working with a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force, “reported witnessing a man with a gun” and fired at Goodson after a “verbal exchange,” Columbus police said in a statement.

The sheriff said the deputy recovered a gun from Goodson, but the young man was “not the person being sought by the U.S. Marshals task force.”

According to a statement from Walton’s firm, Goodson was licensed to carry a concealed gun “and Ohio does not prohibit the open carrying of firearms.”

Walton said Goodson was returning home from a dentist’s appointment and had fetched three Subway sandwiches.

The most important question of all is still not answered: what kind of sandwich was it?

This is another one of those deranged and idiotic “good boy” stories that just makes you feel like your head is going to explode, Scanners style.

These short stories leave out the explanation of what actually happened, telling you that he was a good boy, just getting a sandwich for grandma, and the evil white cop drove up and decided to murder him because he didn’t like his skin color.

Daily Mail:

Pete Tobin, the US Marshal for the Southern District of Ohio, said at a press conference that he believed the shooting was justified.

He said that the task force had completed its work and was wrapping up, when a man drove past.

‘He was seen driving down the street waving a gun,’ Tobin said.

‘That’s when the deputy, at some point after that, he confronted him. And it went badly.’  

Tobin claimed that Goodson was out of his vehicle when Meade approached him to confront him about the gun and allegedly ordered him to drop the gun before shooting, USA Today reported.

Goodson was taken to Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he later died.

It’s just insane, what the media does with these stories.

Just stop and think for just one single second.

Which one of these scenarios makes more sense:

  1. A sheriff’s deputy was working with the US Marshals to look for a fugitive. After they didn’t manage to find the fugitive, he was heading home. On his way home, he saw a black man on his grandmother’s porch, and decided to shoot him to death because he hated the color of his skin.
  2. A sheriff’s deputy was working with the US Marshals to look for a fugitive. After they didn’t manage to find the fugitive, he was heading home. On his way home, he saw a black man driving around and waving a gun out the window of his car. The deputy went to confront him after he got out of the car, and the man made threatening motions and probably reached for his gun, at which point the deputy fired his weapon.

People actually believe the first story, because that is the way it is being presented by the media. People believe that white cops are evil people and simply go around killing blacks for no reason. They also believe that they do this in the stupidest ways possible.

I mean, let’s just think about this: if you were a cop and you wanted to kill black people, would you just shoot them randomly in broad daylight, then call in that you did it? Why would you do that? In black neighborhoods, murders have something like an 85% “unsolved” rate. If you were a white man and you wanted to kill blacks, you could just paint your skin black, then drive through a black neighborhood killing people at random, and you almost certainly wouldn’t get caught. You could do it every day for years without getting caught.

The blacks wouldn’t even report you to the police. They would just tell each other, like: “dey be a white nigga out der, he be killen er’ey-buddy, dat nigga, he be crazy as a muffugguh, keel er’ey nigga he seed out der, shit was whack, dawg.”

Furthermore, if the cops wanted blacks to die, the easiest thing to do would be to stop policing their neighborhoods, and let them kill each other. I mean, come on. Think about it.

The way that the media has created a narrative of childlike “good” vs. “evil” is just utterly exhausting. I feel exhausted looking at it.

The media is doing this on purpose.

It’s not some kind of mixup.

They are confusing people very much on purpose with this cartoonish narrative. They know that it falls apart as soon as someone picks at it, which is why they ban people from picking at it.

This is a revolutionary Marxist agenda being pushed through the vector of exploiting the emotional weaknesses of white women, and a few fat redditor men who more or less identify as women or use women as their moral compass due to having been raised by a single mother.

The agenda has literally nothing to do with black people. It is a Marxist agenda to destroy white, Christian civilization. They are using useful idiots by selling them a line of nonsense and getting them to work for a completely different political agenda that they’re not even aware of.

Here, let me bulletpoint it for you:

  • Middle class white people are indoctrinated as children to feel bad for black people, being told that they are guilty for the alleged misdeeds of their ancestors
  • People watch movies their entire lives showing blacks as good people who are victimized by evil whites who hate them for literally no reason
  • “Racism” takes the form of a metaphysical evil in the minds of overly sympathetic whites
  • White people who are isolated from blacks due to their class status (middle class) have no idea how black people actually behave
  • Isolated middle class white people are only exposed to blacks that have reached the status of middle class, and so act basically the same as white people, and thus it is easy for them to believe that “race is only skin color”
  • Combined with a narrative of “race is only skin color,” the media and academia are able to use the explanation of “racism” to explain why black people are overwhelmingly poor and prone toward violent kinds of crime
  • The media creates an emotive narrative about evil cops killing blacks because they hate their skin color
  • The media hits people with a barrage of “racist cop” stories – basically, every time a black does some stupid thing and gets killed by a cop, it becomes a media spectacle
  • Some of the stories fall apart, but it doesn’t matter – if a narrative falls apart, the media just stops reporting on it
  • A normal person has a hard time believing that the entire media could be lying all at once, and that all of these different stories of police racism could all be exaggerated (even if they know for a fact some of them are)
  • White people have a natural instinct to fight for fairness, and to defend the underdog who is being treated unfairly
  • White women have a nurturing instinct for wayward males, and most blacks appear wayward
  • The people are told that they need to go out and demand justice for persecuted blacks
  • The solution offered as “justice” involves tearing down the entire established order of Western civilization
  • A mentality of “us versus them” is formed, wherein anyone who opposes measures implemented for the stated purpose of “fighting racism” is labeled as a sympathizer with the racists, and thus metaphysically evil
  • After it is fully established that the majority of people are onboard with the theory that blacks are being oppressed and killed for no reason, increasingly extreme measures are introduced by the establishment to “fight back” against the supposed injustices
  • All of these measures to “confront systemic racism” end up being towards the end of establishing a new order of civilization
  • Even if the people eventually see that the solutions being offered don’t do much to actually help black people, and do a whole lot to harm white people, they can’t complain about it, because they know that they would be labeled as evil
  • The government and the establishment can thus do literally anything they want if they say it is to the end of “fighting racism”

It’s pretty straightforward and obvious to anyone who looks at any of this stuff with the goal of figuring out what the truth is. But for most people, the truth isn’t really important. What is important is feeling like a good person, and feeling like you’re approved of by the mob.

People are first and foremost social beings. That is the primary drive that is constantly exploited by the media. It is also the reason that censorship is so important, because if people are allowed to speak freely, in the way that the internet allowed them to do, they will begin to formulate their own narratives about what should and should not be considered pro-social behavior.

On the whole, I have found that it works better to explain to middle class whites that this entire agenda is not about helping black people at all than it is to try to explain to them why it is stupid to try to help black people.

Ultimately, however, I think that everyone who can be appealed to on logic already has been, and the rest of the people are making their decision based on the group mindset. Without free speech, we can’t really appeal to the group mindset, unless we have a real life movement. The hope is that we are in the midst of creating a real life movement on the back of this election theft.

We can only do our best.