Media Planning a Total Redesign of All Office Spaces Because of Coronavirus

We know as an absolute matter of unquestionable fact that if you removed the elderly and the chronically ill from the population, you could let everyone contract coronavirus and virtually no one would experience serious complications, let alone die. That is to say, the effects of this virus are nigh identical to the flu.

We have already spent ten trillion dollars or so on measures to combat the virus in the United States alone. No one thus far has come up with an estimate of what the world has spent. What we do know is that it would have been much, much cheaper to simply quarantine the vulnerable, rather than quarantine everyone and totally collapse the economy, putting tens of millions out of work and creating a crisis that even the mainstream media now admits will last decades.

Hey, it’s water under the bridge.

What is not water under the bridge is completely redesigning the entire society based around the concept of limiting the spread of the virus. We could, at any point, simply quarantine the vulnerable, let everyone else go on with their lives, finish off herd immunity and then release the vulnerable from quarantine.

(Note that it was never necessary to quarantine the vulnerable for the flu before, and I don’t personally know that there is a reason to change things significantly now. The government and media have decided that protecting people in their 70s, 80s and 90s from the flu is the prime directive of society, and I am simply pointing out that even if you believe this, there are ways to do this that do not completely destroy society.)

Instead of doing this, however, the media is now planning to redesign all office buildings with space for everyone to stand awkwardly far from one another and hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere.

The BBC has an article up entitled, “How Offices Will Change After the Coronavirus,” which features a diagram demonstrating their baffling plans.

The article also suggests that detectors be put under your desk to monitor your temperature at all times, and for a boss to be alerted if you have a temperature, at which point he would send you home. Or perhaps men in masks would haul you out and throw you in the back of a van.

It is fascinating that the media is reworking something so fundamental as the traditional office workspace, but this is likely to affect very few people, given that most will not be working any time soon.

We might instead be asking what forcing people to stand six feet apart indefinitely is going to do to people’s mental health. I don’t think anyone knows, but we know it can’t possibly be good. It is certainly going to increase feelings of alienation.

Feelings of alienation are of course going to already be very strong due to things we no longer have the ability to change, namely the loss of so many jobs, and the inevitable rise of widespread substance abuse. The fact that the media is ordering us to continue to do more damage to an already wrecked society simply demonstrates, yet again, that this was all done to us on purpose.

As it continues to become clearer that the virus was simply the flu, the media is becoming more extreme with its bizarre orders.