Media: People Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine are Responsible for Endless Lockdowns

A totally benign and mysterious health-promoting liquid. Have faith in Science.

As predicted, continued lockdowns are to be blamed on people who refuse the vaxx.

The Guardian:

Australia is unlikely to achieve herd immunity with current levels of Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy and the higher infectiousness of new variants, modelling from Melbourne medical research laboratory the Burnet Institute has found.

The scenarios modelled by researchers assume a vaccine rollout speed of either 150,000 or 250,000 doses per week, and that on detection of the first case, symptomatic testing increases, isolation of positive cases continues, masks become recommended but not mandatory, and contact tracing continues for up to 250 diagnoses per day.

The projections represent hypothetical near-worst-case scenarios, and model outbreaks that occur once Australia is Covid-free, without lockdowns and other public health measures in place.

The models reveal that public health initiatives will remain vital even in vaccinated populations and that without those measures, “thousands of Victorians would be hospitalised and die if an initially small outbreak was left to spread through the community unchecked,” the research published on Friday says.

Burnet Institute’s head of modelling, Dr Nick Scott, said public health measures, such as lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing and use of QR codes, would need to continue to prevent a projected 4,800 deaths in Victoria alone within 12 months if the virus were to spread without a public health response beyond vaccination.

“Those who are vaccinated would be protected and may only experience mild or no symptoms,” Scott said. “But among those not vaccinated – possibly up to 30 per cent of the community – we could see a large number of hospitalisations and deaths, as well as many cases of ‘long Covid’.”

If the vaxxed are really protected, then why not just let the unvaxxed take their chances?

I would be comfortable with a policy that people who are unvaxxed are not allowed to go to the hospital if they contract this supposed virus.

Why is the government the mommy?

If the government is allowed to lock people down for their own good, of course, they are also logically allowed to force-vaccinate them for their own good.

From the beginning, the problem with all of this was the assertion that the government has a right to protect you from your own choices.